The Tradition Continues — Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and Giglio Feast

OLMC Feast.jpg

Since 1903, the Italians in Williamsburg have been celebrating the annual Giglio Feast, which since the 1950s has been combined with the feast honoring Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Make no mistake, this is not like any other celebration you have ever seen, but one that you must experience. After all, honoring two saints in one celebration — Our Lady of Mount Carmel and San Paolino di Nola — deserves righteous grandeur. Learn about the rich history of this ceremonial festival here, and check out the YouTube video below to see for yourself the excitement and passion of this feast. Information about the celebration July 10-21 can be found here. Broadway Stages is proud to be a sponsor of this historically significant event, and we encourage you to attend and partake in the century-old tradition brought to Brooklyn in 1903 by the Nolani immigrants.