Fun at the Farmers Market at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm


This past weekend, the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm once again welcomed the local community to reap the rewards of its successful organic vegetable green roof turned farm. Check out the photo gallery from the July 27 summer market and volunteer day. The farm will take a market break in August to process the chilies that were grown on the rooftop; an activity they conduct at Egg Restaurant in Brooklyn. The market will return in September, so mark your calendars for Saturday, September 14, and come on out to see the farm and stock up on fresh produce!


A Goode Green project owned by Broadway Stages, the farm is an example of how we support successful urban agriculture projects that support environmental sustainability. This not only benefits our neighbors by providing fresh produce for local residents and restaurants, but also makes a positive environmental impact by improving the air, making buildings more temperate and reducing storm water runoff.