Taking a Stand Against Climate Change One Rooftop at a Time

Gna Argento and Anniv Novak on Eagle St. Rooftop Farm

In an August 7 article, Thrive Global talks about Broadway Stages’ early commitment to environmental sustainability and how those efforts are serving to combat climate change.  For more than a decade Broadway Stages have been involved in the environmental sustainability crusade. Their first green rooftop, an organic produce farm at their Eagle Street studio, began their vision for a green corridor at their sprawling Brooklyn based campus.  Today, with the support of organizations like Alive Structures, Goode Green, Growing Chefs, Solar Energy Systems and others, Broadway Stages boasts 50,000 square feet of solar panels and over 20,000 square feet of garden rooftops. And we are actively working on an additional 1.4 acres (or almost 61,000 square feet) of green rooftops made possible by a grant from the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation’s Green Innovation Grant Program — what we are calling the Broadway Stages Green Corridor project, being managed in cooperation with Alive Structures.  

We welcome you to learn more about our green rooftops at Kingsland Wildflowers and Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and maybe even consider a visit — there’s an amazing view! 

“A deep-rooted commitment to community and environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.  Through green infrastructure and renewable energy projects such as Kingsland Wildflowers, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and our solar rooftop that spans 50,000 square feet, we are able to utilize our sound stages in a way that brings mutual value to our operations, our environment and our community.”  —  Gina Argento, President and CEO, Broadway Stages, Ltd.