Saving our Bees and Why it Matters


What’s the buzz all about?  Bees — why do we need them and why does it matter?  As it turns out they do a lot for us and their decline could have a dramatic impact on our world.  Readers Digest reporter Isabelle Tavares tells us why in a recent article, Why the World Needs Honey Bees.  Marni Majorelle, owner and founder of Alive Structures green roofing company, and designer of Kingsland Wildflowers at Broadway Stages, was interviewed to share her expertise about the importance of pollinators and how each one of us can help by transforming whatever green space we have into a natural habitat.  “Majorelle recommends planting native pollinator gardens with species that have ecological relationships with bees. There are tons of beautiful wildflowers that are well adapted to the urban environment that people can put in their gardens, roofs planters, and in mini meadows, Majorelle said.”  

Kingsland Wildflowers and Eagle Street Rooftop Farm are two examples of how we can create a natural habitat right in our own city.  These environmental initiatives help to advance ecosystem services that are critical to habitat and community. And it’s one way that Broadway Stages tries to give back — by using our sound stages to bring mutual value to our operations, our environment and our community.  

We encourage you to read the Readers Digest article about bees and think about what you can do to help save an unsung hero.