Broadway Stages Partners with Kingsborough CXM Academy

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and Broadway Stages Attorney Anthony Fong join the CXM Academy Board at Kingsborough Community College(KCC)! Through the CXM Academy, Broadway Stages, New York City’s largest full film production facilities, wants to introduce the film production industry to passionate individuals.

Kingsborough Community College’s CXM Academy provides Kingsborough students with the opportunity to intern at select business across the 5 boroughs. Partnering with local and domestic businesses, the CXM Academy aims to assist students prime placement into internships that could transform into lifelong careers. Focused on educating the next generation of bright minds, Broadway Stages Gina Argento has joined KCC’s CXM Academy to invite select students to participate in internships at Broadway Stages! Join CXM and join the Broadway Stages Family!

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