Broadway Stages Reaches All The Way To The Philippines!

In 2013, the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, a category 5 typhoon summoning winds of up too 196mph. Sweeping across the land, Typhoon Haiyan's winds destroyed hundred of roads, homes, and buildings. One school in particular laying waste in Haiyan's path was Mangoso Elementary School in the Eastern part of the Philippines.

Four years ago this was the destruction caused by Haiyan:


The destruction caused by Haiyan left the Eastern provinces of Philippines without an educational institution for students to attend. Looking to ensure the continued access to education, Parktivity took to install operations to reinstate the operations of the Mangoso Elementary and education in the Eastern Philippines.

Sharing the belief of helping communities and helping improve student education, Broadway Stages makes contributions, on behalf of CEO Gina Argento, for the reconstruction of the Elementary school. Since then, the restoration program has made an immense impact on the community where Mangoso Elementary is located at. Not only were the contributions used to build the school, funding was also allocated to provide locals with jobs in building the school and reintroducing capital into the economy.


Through our combines efforts, this is how the Mangoso Elementary School looks today!
This is a great example of how powerful coming together and helping others together is!

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