Broadway Stages Makes The Effort To Stay Brooklyn Local!

Broadway Stages has always operated with the commitment to reinvestment back into Brooklyn communities to share our success with local community members and businesses. By going local, Broadway Stages is able to help positively impact local economies and allow Brooklyn businesses to prosper as we have. It only makes sense to give back to those that have helped you!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento encourages neighborhood Brooklynites to stay Brooklyn local too! Operating in Brooklyn for over 30 years, Broadway Stages has always actively sourced construction material, food, and services from the Greenpoint neighborhood. Broadway Stages sources daily coffee from Café Grumpy, lunch from Greenpoint restaurants, and sound stage construction material from native Brooklyn craftsmen, ranging from wood work to metal work.


In addition, Broadway Stages have been long time supporter of educational and community programs for the benefit of Brooklynites. Iconic venues such as Rooftop Farms, Brooklyn's first urban farm, or Kingsland Wildflowers, Greenpoint's wildlife and plant community space, were both supported and constructed by Broadway Stages for purpose of community enrichment. Broadway Stages wants the Greenpoint community to know that we appreciate your continued support and will continue to reinvest our success back into the Brooklyn community!

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