Catholic Charities to Hold Annual Luncheon to Benefit New Yorkers


On December 6, Catholic Charities will hold its 72nd Annual Cardinal's Christmas Luncheon, commemorating seven decades of serving the New York community for the benefit of women, children, families, immigrants, and the homeless.

The Christmas Luncheon has long been the highlight of the organization's winter programs to raise critical funds needed to benefit hundreds of New Yorkers during the winter season. A portion of the funds will be used to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless during the cold months. In addition, funds raised will be used to support youth in need of physical, emotional, and psychological needs and services; strengthen families through counseling and cultivating individual plans for longterm solutions; and welcome, reunite, and assist immigrants in gaining citizenship and work authorization.

Among the board members excited for the Christmas Luncheon is Gina Argento, President of Brooklyn's Broadway Stages. Gina, who has long supported Catholic Charities and contributed to various events, believes that the luncheon is an important opportunity for community members to support each other. She holds firm that New York is a community where neighbors help neighbors, whether it is to provide meals, shelter, counseling, or legal assistance. As a supporting community member, she encourages everyone to help wherever and whenever they can with a unified goal of reinvesting back into our communities.

Broadway Stages Supports Brooklyn and Queens Communities

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento is always looking for ways to help New York families! Joining the Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, an organization that positively impacts local families in Queens and Brooklyn through its various services, Gina helps provide vital services that dozens of families rely on.

Catholic Charities helps hundred of families and children through its community service programs. Catholic Charities delivers New Yorkers a wide range of educational and support services that range from its Integrated Health and Wellness Services, Affordable Housing Program, and Community Services. These programs help care for the wellbeing of Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods by directly connecting individuals with professionals and the necessary resources to succeed.

As a sponsor of Catholic Charities, Gina Argento wants to provide Brooklyn and Queens communities with quality care and professional help services to positively impact their lives. Gina continues to commit herself to actively bettering many families by providing financial assistance to community-based organizations. She hopes her dedication to New York City families will inspire others to make the pledge to help their fellow neighbor.

Broadway Stages Supports New York With Catholic Charities

Gina and Tony Argento of Broadway Stages want to help community members gain access to quality help services through Catholic Charities.

To help provide Catholic Charities with the necessary financial resources to operate its various community service programs, Gina and Tony became a sponsor of the Bishop’s Humanitarian Award Dinner. As sponsors, the Argentos are able to support food and shelter programs, provide youth development services, and support specialized care services.

Gina and Tony believe that it is important to give back to their community and help members when possible. Gina and Tony hope that their contributions help Catholic Charities' programs remain free. Join Gina and Tony by contributing and helping your community today!


Broadway Stages Teams Up With Catholic Charities for the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon

Broadway Stages was happy to join forces with Catholic charities to raise nearly $74,000 to support individuals and families in need.

Tens of thousands of runners race through the five boroughs on the first Sunday in November each year at the TCS New York City Marathon.

Together as Team Catholic Charities, we raised nearly $74,000

Together as Team Catholic Charities, we raised nearly $74,000