AM New York Visits Broadway Stages' Rooftop Farm

Urban farming has grown in popularity over the last decade with new farms sprouting every few months in New York City. The entire niche industry is now seeing more growth than ever before with new city regulations that allow expanded farm sizes and investor interest in scaling the urban farms into larger businesses. The spur of the urban rooftop farming movement was put forth by early pioneers that saw potential in building healthy and delicious farming alternatives right in the heart of New York.

At the forefront of urban rooftop farming was Broadway Stages' Eagle Street Rooftop Farms located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which started in 2009 with help from expert farmer Annie Novak. Almost a decade old, Rooftop Farms is considered to be NYC's iconic farming destination, ranking first in EcoWatch's list of NYC's urban farming projects.

Local newspaper AM New York stopped by this week to showcase the positive benefits of Broadway Stages and Annie Novak and their partnership in helping grow a niche community that is focused on providing fresh quality foods right in our own city.

"Now there's a positive shift from the community who want to see these spaces," Annie says. Annie reminds everyone that the produce grown at Rooftop Farms, which ranges from kale and spinach to other vegetables, source the quality ingredients served at local restaurants including Anella'sSpritzenhaus, and Marlow & Sons.

While serving restaurants in the Brooklyn area, Rooftop Farms also makes sure to include local residents to share the experience of urban farming. Rooftop Farms invites Brooklynites to come and visit the rooftop on Sundays, participating as urban farmers or as locals who are looking to purchase fresh ingredients. The farm also hosts educational workshops for students to learn about the positive environmental benefits of urban farming and offers a demonstration of how the farm grows its vegetables. Rooftop Farms is perfect for New Yorkers who want to learn about urban farming and eat fresh. Come visit us soon!

Broadway Stages' Rooftop Farms Featured on PX11 With President Gina Argento and Growing Chefs' Annie Novak

Broadway Stages Rooftop Farms, established in 2008, continues to be an active supporter of the green movement and helps New Yorkers eat right with high-quality fresh ingredients. Recognized as one of New York City's and Brooklyn's first urban rooftop farms, Rooftop Farms has been the world-renowned driving force behind Brooklyn's healthy eating movement and has played a pivotal role in encouraging green landscapes for the benefit of Brooklynites.

Sponsored by Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, Rooftop Farms was created to become a communal space for Greenpoint and Brooklyn residents to enjoy and learn the benefits of growing vegetables in a modern city environment. Gina and Broadway Stages have dedicated nearly a decade of financial support for rooftop operations to allow Brooklyn locals the opportunity to source fresh vegetables and quality ingredients right in their backyards.

In partnership with Gina and Broadway Stages, Annie Novak, founder of nonprofit Growing Chefs, closely maintains the operations of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm along with a dedicated team of interns and volunteers. Annie has been an invaluable member of New York's growing farming scene and shares a vision with Broadway Stages to change the way Brooklynites eat food.

Broadway Stages' Eagle Street Rooftop Farm was recently featured on New York's PX11 news channel in a segment detailing the growing popularity of urban farming. Annie and Gina gave PX11 the full story behind the partnership that established Rooftop Farms almost 10 years ago. Looking to bring quality foods to New Yorkers in a convenient growing space that provided an unparalleled level of transparency, Annie and Gina wanted to set an example and set the standard of the changing food industry in New York. Naturally, Rooftop Farms and Annie Novak have always been at the forefront of advocating for clean and naturally grown foods to replace chemically altered foods founds in most supermarkets.

Broadway Stages Makes the Effort to Stay Brooklyn Local

Broadway Stages has always operated with the commitment to reinvest back into Brooklyn communities, to share our success with local community members and businesses. By going local, Broadway Stages is able to help positively impact local economies and allow Brooklyn businesses to prosper as we have. It only makes sense to give back to those that have helped you!


Broadway Stages President Gina Argento encourages Brooklynites to stay Brooklyn local too! Operating in Brooklyn for over 30 years, Broadway Stages has always actively sourced construction material, food, and services from the Greenpoint neighborhood. Broadway Stages sources coffee daily from Café Grumpy, lunch from Greenpoint restaurants, and soundstage construction material from native Brooklyn craftsmen, ranging from woodwork to metalwork.

In addition, Broadway Stages has been a longtime supporter of educational and community programs for the benefit of Brooklynites. Iconic venues such as Rooftop Farms, Brooklyn's first urban farm, or Kingsland Wildflowers, Greenpoint's wildlife and plant community space, were both supported and constructed by Broadway Stages for the purpose of community enrichment. Broadway Stages wants the Greenpoint community to know that we appreciate your continued support and will continue to reinvest our success back into the Brooklyn community!

Summer Rooftop Fun With Broadway Stages' Rooftop Farm

The summer season is in full swing and so is our Rooftop Farms! Broadway Stages’ Rooftop Farms, created by Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and founder Tony Argento, welcomes you to join our urban farm atop our Eagle Street warehouse overlooking the beautiful Manhattan cityscape.

Rooftop Farms began with the idea to encourage New York City residents and businesses to pursue a greener New York City skyline. Since 2008, Rooftop Farms has grown and produced thousands of pounds of fresh, safe, and delicious produce for neighborhood families and community members. Partnering with local Brooklyn restaurants, Rooftop Farms delivers quality-grade vegetables to ensure restaurants are serving the best foods they can.

Rooftop Farms is not only a prime destination to get fresh high-quality ingredients, but it is also a great place to learn about the urban farm movement and techniques to help start your own miniature urban farm. Urban farming education is provided by Rooftop Farms staff dedicated and passionate about keeping greenery in New York City. Visitors will learn about the impacts of urbanization on the natural environment and how urban farming can help diminish its effects. Come visit Rooftop Farms today and learn how you can make a big impact on the environment and enjoy fresh, all-natural produce!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento Supports Green Pillars

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento follows four fundamental green pillars that she always seeks to improve upon and encourages others to adopt.

Solar: The power of the sun and its virtually unlimited energy supply should not be underestimated. Solar energy is one of the most powerful resources available and has the potential to power all our energy needs if properly harnessed. Taking a step to replace traditional energy sources, Broadway Stages has been sourcing a significant portion of our energy demands directly from the sun. Sitting under direct sunlight at our Kingsland rooftops are rows and rows of large solar panels. This is part of our solar commitment dating back to 2010, which has saved Broadway Stages over 1,200,000 kilowatt hours annually from traditional sources like nuclear, coal, and gas.

Nature: Contributing back to the natural environment by growing more plants is the most direct way to embrace the green revolution. Planting vegetables or garden greens is crucial in reducing carbon emissions surrounding the metro area. As the top consumers of carbon dioxide, plants directly replace carbon in the air with breathable oxygen. Concerned about air quality and carbon levels, Gina has supported the urban farm revolution since 2008 by creating Rooftop Farms. In operation for almost a decade now, Rooftop Farms has served the Brooklyn community by providing fresh organic vegetables on the edge of Greenpoint while replenishing oxygen in the air.

Water: Water is the one of the most limited and important resources in the world. Learning how to efficiently and effectively utilize water to maximize its output is a challenge that needs to be solved. To help protect the water supply and promote conservation, Gina is teaming up with NY Sun Works to sponsor innovative hydroponic technology education for the next generation. Teaching students to use only a fraction of traditional farming methods, hydroponic technology maximizes water resources by reducing water for crop production by up to 90% compared to conventional farming.

Wildlife: Essential to the preservation of the natural ecosystem, wildlife populations are indicative of the quality of New York City landscapes. However, urbanization threatens to destroy and hinder growth of our native bird species. Hoping to protect New York City wildlife, Gina has partnered with the New York City Audubon to jointly improve and prioritize the safety of New York wildlife. The integrity of wildlife is necessary to the revitalization and conservation of local landscapes across the five boroughs.

Broadway Stages Rooftop Farm Summer Preview!

Broadway Stages' rooftop farm is getting ready for the summer weather to get into full swing! Back in 2008 our rooftop farm helped introduce the urban farming movement in New York City by being one of the first and few urban farms. The farm was created under the guidance of President Gina Argento and Tony Argento to serve Brooklynites.

Almost a decade later, the Eagle Street Farm still operates and continues to provide Brooklynites with amazing quality ingredients within their own neighborhood. The farm produces a wide selection of vegetables, and we recently introduced our very own chickens and bunnies! The rooftop farm also includes bees to create New York City honey and help maintain a healthy bee population.

The rooftop farm is being prepared for this summer season to continue our local grown foods and for Brooklynites to come visit us. Get ready to join us on and enjoy a beautiful view of the city skyline! Take beautiful photos at our prime location and learn about urban farming.

Get Rooftop Healthy With Broadway Stages!

Broadway Stages offers healthy and convenient food options grown right here in Brooklyn! Our Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, the very first of its kind, was a revolutionary step in bringing urban farming to the New York metro area brought forth by Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and founder Tony Argento. Our commitment to source locally led us to develop and create our very own and New York City's first urban farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The idea behind bringing an urban farm to Brooklynites was to allow local residents to actually see where their food was coming from. Broadway Stages wanted to offer our consumers the transparency and security that people can trust in their foods. We use urban farming techniques that do not utilize harmful chemicals and welcome visitors to come and participate.

Our rooftop farm brings awareness to the need to keep green spaces in New York City. Broadway Stages believes that conversions of more rooftops into green spaces are vital in keeping the greenscape of New York City alive. Green rooftops can help combat air pollution, preserve wildlife, and grow organic foods!


Brooklynites are welcome to join us Sunday afternoon to actively participate in growing their very own vegetables and learn about the urban growing process. Every Sunday afternoon visitors can expect to learn earth-friendly tips and how to add greenery to their homes. Stop by our Rooftop Farms and get your head start on NYC Green!

Broadway Stages Is Rooftop Fresh


Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, believes that the food we eat and put into our bodies needs to be fresh and high-quality. Though getting fresh ingredients can be hard when living in an urban environment like New York City, Broadway Stages has made it easier with our rooftop farm.

Our Eagle Street Rooftop Farm produces fresh and local vegetables right in North Brooklyn. Rooftop farms are your source for fresh, quality food that is good for you!

Broadway Stages Encourages Green Initiatives

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, is focused on improving New York City's green movement. Join Gina in pushing for a healthier environment and future by staying green! Participate by recycling and limiting energy consumption.

Broadway Stages has already taken the initiative by becoming New York's first solar-powered full-service production company, opening Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and participating in the city's Cool Roofs program. Spread the word and help make New York City greener today!

Spring Is Here! Join Broadway Stages at Our Rooftop Farm!

Broadway Stages is proud to play its part in keeping Brooklyn green.

Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is a 6,000-square-foot green roof organic vegetable farm located atop one of our warehouses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. On the shoreline of the East River and with a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline, our rooftop farm is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful spring day.

Please visit for more information.