Futures in Education Angels Reception Brings Students and Donors Together

Futures in Education 2018-19 Angel Program Recipients

Futures in Education 2018-19 Angel Program Recipients

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The New York Hall of Science in Queens was buzzing with excitement last night! Futures in Education held their Angel Program reception that was attended by hundreds of students, their families, and Angel sponsors. It was an amazing opportunity to bring the students and their donors together to meet face to face.

Broadway Stages has been a longtime supporter of the Futures in Education Angel Program that allows less fortunate children in Brooklyn and Queens to receive a Catholic education. This year, Gina Argento was the Angel to four children, subsidizing the cost of their Catholic grammar school tuition.

"It's a privilege to play a role in the lives of these children, and helping them expand their knowledge and love of learning," Gina said. The Angel Program provides access to an excellent education for those who need a helping hand."

Any family with a child or children grades K-8 registered in a Catholic elementary school or academy in Brooklyn or Queens that can demonstrate financial need of tuition assistance may apply. To learn more about Futures in Education and the Angel Program, click here.

Broadway Stages Supports Futures in Education Angel Scholarship Program


As advocates for education, Broadway Stages seeks to support organizations and programs that promote student achievement, offer the opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, and provide equal access to education. One of many programs that we support is the Futures in Education Angel Scholarship Program. This year we had the opportunity to sponsor four children who will have their tuition subsidized by Broadway Stages. Without the help from donors, many of our less fortunate children in Brooklyn and Queens would be denied the value of a Catholic education. Any family with a child or children grades K-8 registered in a Catholic Elementary school or academy in Brooklyn or Queens that can demonstrate financial need of tuition assistance may apply.

Being an Angel gives you a chance to become involved in a student's life in a positive, impactful way, and you can directly witness the positive influence of your donation. Broadway Stages encourages you to consider a donation to Futures in Education. Together we can change lives through the gift of education. Watch the Angel Program video here. We guarantee it will touch your heart.

Broadway Stages, Ltd., New York's premier television and film production company, manages over three million square feet of integrated space with more than 50 sound stages, unique locations, production services, and over seven acres of parking throughout three boroughs in New York City. As a responsible company with local roots, we actively support economic and social growth, education, community betterment, and environmental sustainability throughout Brooklyn and greater NYC. Through financial, in-kind, and volunteer resources we strive to make a difference in the communities where we work and live.

Broadway Stages Supports Local Students Through Angels Program


What better way to start off the New Year than by supporting education for New York City students! As a participant in the Futures in Education Angels program, Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, helps young scholars in elementary and intermediate schools get the necessary educational resources to continue to receive a quality Catholic education.

Her contributions as an Angel significantly reduce or in some cases completely subsidize a child's educational cost. Recipient families are relived of most or all financial obligations from school tuition for their children. Gina sees her support for the Angel program as more than just helping students receive a quality education. It is a positive investment in each child.

In fact, Angels and student recipients interact on a personal level through handwritten letters and artwork. Angels can then personally see the success of each student that they support and can be more involved in helping each student be the best they can be.

Gina encourages everyone to join her in participating in the Angel program offered by Futures in Education this year and make a difference!

Futures in Education Scholarship Fund Night Honors Broadway Stages President

The mission of Futures in Education is to help ensure that students in Brooklyn and Queens can continue to receive quality Catholic educations without financial burdens. Through its Angels program, Futures in Education connects independent contributors with students to alleviate costs related to tuition and educational resources. Angels give students access to quality education without financial burden.

To recognize individuals that have gone above and beyond in that commitment, Futures in Education holds an annual Scholarship Fund Dinner. The dinner celebrates and recognizes outstanding individuals who dedicate incredible effort and have shown support for Futures in Education's mission to provide quality education. 

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, is among the recognized supporters this year. As a longtime committed supporter of Futures in Education, Gina believes New York City students should have access to the best education without financial obstacles. Gina hopes her participation as an annual sponsor to the fundraiser and role as an Angel to various students will help inspire her peers to join her to provide free education to New York families and students. Gina hopes you can join her today and make a difference in student education!

Broadway Stages Supports Futures in Education


Futures in Education helps connect student families with individuals acting as Angels or people who help subsidize or completely eliminate tuition costs for students. Funding for the Angel program is completely dependent on the generosity of individuals who wish to contribute. The Angel program has helped more than 700 students in Brooklyn and Queens to attend their desired grammar school and beyond.

In addition to the Angel program, Futures in Education holds an annual scholarship fund dinner to help secure additional funding for student education sponsorships. As a firm believer in universal access to education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, pledges to sponsor the fundraiser event as benefactor sponsor to the event in addition to being an Angel. As a financial contributor, Gina is directly impacting students seeking financial assistance by providing them with educational scholarships. Gina wishes for all New York City families to be able to eliminate financial obstacles and gain access to quality education.

Gina invites you to contribute to student educational financial assistance and support her in achieving her personal goal of universal quality education. Join her today!


An Angel for Education


Partnering with Futures in Education, Gina Argento actively involves herself with New York students in grades one through eight attending grammar schools as a sponsoring Archangel.

Futures in Education offers individuals the opportunity to financially support the educational journeys of Brooklyn and Queens students attending Catholic grammar schools. Individuals contributing to the Angel Program can assist multiple students by subsidizing tuition cost as a financial benefactor. Angels support recipient students to overcome financial obstacles impeding their educational success at grammar schools.

The best benefit of becoming an Angel at Futures in Educations is seeing the growth and impact of your contribution on your students. As an ArchAngel, Gina communicates directly to her students in correspondence letters, cards, and drawings.

This Easter, Kevin, a seventh grader and Angel student of Gina's, shared his incredible experiences at school and his exciting Easter plans. The most touching line from Kevin (read by Gina) is his interpretation of Easter:

“I personally believe that people shouldn’t just give gifts, they should give joy and happiness vocally.”

Seeing Kevin want to spread and reciprocate his happiness to other is the most rewarding part for Gina. Watching students like Kevin positively affected by her contributions only strengthens Gina's commitment to providing quality education for New York students. Please join Gina in her mission to improve and positively impact student education!

Education Without Barriers: A Lifelong Goal

Broadway Stages President and CEO Gina Argento wants to ensure that students in Brooklyn and Queens have access to high-quality Catholic education. Gina embraces educational freedom, standing with causes such as the 2017 Joe DiMaggio Award Dinner hosted by Futures in Education to ensure that students do not face financial obstacles in New York.

The Joe DiMaggio Benefit presents Gina with the opportunity to eliminate financial barriers that impede academic success. As an event benefactor, Gina's contribution has positively relieved students and families of the financial burden associated with attending Catholic grammar schools.

Having previously worked with Futures in Education as an Archangel (a benefactor to individual students), Gina is familiar with the excellence of educational programs and believes the high educational standard prepares qualifying students to succeed.

Gina Argento Supports Youth Development Programs

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento wants students in New York to have the best opportunities to succeed in their academic careers. To help students participate in excellent educational programs, Gina supports Futures in Education.

Gina believes that New York students should not have financial obstacles impeding their educational success and academic careers. As a financial supporter of Futures in Education, Gina impacts individual student lives by reducing their tuition cost.

Broadway Stages is a firm supporter of quality education and youth development programs for students in New York City. Gina hopes her commitment to this cause inspires others to join her in providing students everywhere with opportunities to excel in education.