Enabling Success for More Than 55 Years: Kingsborough Community College


Broadway Stages actively supports education in our community, with a focus on the arts, the environment, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Local students can further their knowledge of these subjects and more at one of Brooklyn's outstanding educational institutions — Kingsborough Community College (KCC). Part of the City University of New York (CUNY), KCC has been a vital part of the community for more than 55 years, offering students a variety of educational options, including continuing education, certificates, degrees, and a path to four-year universities – all important steps to enabling individual dreams and success. 

Broadway Stages is proud to support KCC's educational programming and to sit on its Foundation Board. The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program recognized KCC as one of the nation's top community colleges. Learn more about KCC and its programs at www.kbcc.cuny.edu.

2019 Kingsborough Community College Gala and Auction

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is hosting their 14th Annual Seaside Splash Gala and Silent Auction. This year's theme, Garden of Dreams, will whisk you away to a magical evening in support of student scholarships. As a trustee of KCC, Broadway Stages encourages you to attend, enjoy a memorable evening, and support higher education. For more information about the event, click here.


Broadway Stages CEO Donates to Kingsborough's Annual Homecoming Celebration


Kingsborough Community College celebrates its alumni and their achievements each year at its annual homecoming celebration. At the 13th Annual Homecoming Day Celebration, commonly known as the Back to the Beach celebration, Kingsborough invited past scholars to reconnect with friends and professors.

Highlights from the celebration included live entertainment, arts and crafts, photo booths, contests, carnival snacks, and of course the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. Gina Argento, board member for Kingsborough Community College and CEO of Broadway Stages, was amazed by the enormous turnout and wonderful success of the event. Gina donated to the event to show her support, and as expected the diligently planned activities were amazingly popular with attendees. There could not have been a better day to bring together scholars and model citizens to celebrate them as the leaders of tomorrow.

Broadway Stages Supports Kingsborough Community College's Annual Fundraiser


A proud member of the Kingsborough Community College (KCC) community, Broadway Stages has contributed tremendous efforts to support the success of Kingsborough students. Whether the task at hand was to establish scholarships, help fund and build a new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lab, or support the Seaside Splash event, Broadway Stages has always risen to the occasion and continuously supported KCC in establishing, maintaining, and promoting the highest quality and standards of education for KCC students.

Most recently, Gina Argento, Board Member of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, has participated in KCC's Annual Fund Campaign. The Annual Fund Campaign is an initiative that distributes financial donations from members of the community who wish to support KCC and students in the pursuit of educational and academic excellence. The funds are used to create and establish new educational programing, maintain current programing, update current technologies, and establish scholarships to provide financial assistance. 

Broadway Stages's support of KCC's Annual Fund directly impacts the lives of many undergraduate scholars at KCC. As a financial contributor to the fund, Broadway Stages has helped KCC students treat patients in hospitals, provide programming for KCC students to learn about software and electrical engineering, and helped KCC students become mentors in their own communities. Most importantly, Broadway Stages's contributions have created a platform for KCC to encourage its students to plan, achieve, and surpass their academic and professional goals. We believe that student success can only benefit the Brooklyn community, and we encourage fellow students to make their dreams come true.

Seeing firsthand the incredible positive impact that we have on student lives has only encouraged Broadway Stages to become even more engaged and involved with KCC and the KCC community. Broadway Stages openly encourages fellow Brooklynites to support KCC and KCC students in building a better world for learning and academic success. Join us in supporting our local community college and you can see your impact today!

Broadway Stages Supports Kingsborough Community College's Homecoming Event

Broadway Stages was happy to help Kingsborough Community College (KCC) celebrate its annual homecoming themed event for its 13th year. The school welcomed over 800 alums and guests back to the halls where they earned their undergraduate degrees. The event lets alums reunite with past professors, see old classmates, share memories, and above all else enjoy an evening of fun with fellow KCC students, alumni, staff, and family.

With the event expanding throughout the atrium all the way to the garden outside, the venue was full of laughter, smiles, and uncontainable excitement. KCC was not shorted in the entertainment department either, with the venue full of rows upon rows of fun booths. A range of music, dance, games, and pumpkin patch booths aligned themselves endlessly around the perimeter of the atrium and open garden space. Of course, attendees appropriately dressed up in Halloween costumes, adding to the fun atmosphere of the amazing event.

Kingsborough trustee Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, greatly supports the annual event. She believes the event is important to cultivate school spirit and is a great opportunity for families in the community to come together for a day of fun. To help make the event happen, Gina's donations were directly used to purchase food, drinks, gifts, and decor. Gina was excited to see so many attendees this year, many with their families, to celebrate the incredible success they had as students of KCC and their continued success as alumni. Gina believes KCC is an important educational institution that has given many the resources to secure incredible futures and will continue to change many more lives.




Broadway Stages Grants Scholarship Award to Student Filmmaker


Broadway Stages would like to congratulate Rachel Chow as the first recipient of the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award!

Honoring student passion in filmmaking and pursuit of the arts, Broadway Stages helps Kingsborough Community College reward students with high academic drive by introducing the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award. The new scholarship stems from the rising partnership between Broadway Stages and Kingsborough Community College after participation in KCC's CXM Academy. The award will help Rachel offset educational costs to further her studies.

Broadway Stages is happy to see enthusiastic future filmmakers like Rachel excel. As one of New York City's largest full-service film production companies, Broadway Stages is always looking to encourage the next generation to follow their passion in film and look forward to helping them lead a successful career in the film industry. We know Rachel will continue to do great things!

Broadway Stages Supports Science Education for All


Broadway Stages believes in supporting science education for the advancement of green technology and energy efficiency. Over the past few years, Broadway Stages has contributed to a series of events that helped spread, educate, and inspire new recruits to join the scientific community.

Earlier this year, Broadway Stages sponsored Green Science Week at PS 110. The annual event centers around the importance of sustainable living and renewable energy resources. The educational lessons and activities sponsored by Broadway Stages teach elementary school students about solar energy, agriculture, and recycling. Students at the Greenpoint school learned also learned about nutrition, chemistry, and physics through a collection of mini experiments and activities.

Broadway Stages works with NY Sun Works to include high school students and bring the frontier of science education closer by building Greenhouse Project Labs across the five boroughs and New Jersey. Focusing on providing hands-on STEM learning workshops, NY Sun Works wants students to experience the excitement of active participation in scientific experiments that go beyond traditional classroom learning. In addition to learning about solar panels, fish farming, and composting, students also learned about hydroponic growing systems, which are a modern adaptation of farming in smaller urbanized environments. At the Greenhouse Project Labs, students are able to participate in planting hydroponic agriculture with the end goal of harvesting their plants used to create their own nutritious meals.


At Kingsborough Community College, Broadway Stages was able to help sponsor the STEM Lab to allow college students to have the needed equipment and space to conduct their scientific research. Using the lab, student researchers are able to compete at the top level of their fields and explore the frontier of scientific theories, concepts, and experiments.

Broadway Stages wants to inspire scientific learning even beyond the boundaries of a classroom by inviting New Yorkers to our Rooftop Farms location. Dedicated to addressing the benefits of urban farming, water conservation, and sustainable principles, Rooftop Farms looks to accomplish urban agricultural sustainability while preserving freshness and quality. Visitors are welcome to learn and enjoy the experience of urban farming guided by Rooftop Farm instructors and volunteers every Sunday at no cost.

At Broadway Stages, we believe science education is important in creating a better and brighter future. Join us in sponsoring or dedicating your time to create a brighter future for us all!

Broadway Stages Goes Greener Every Day With Kingsborough Community College


Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is helping create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future with this year's Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative. The program challenges students to develop their own sustainable concepts while studying real-world sustainability at KCC's Urban Farm.

Learning from their five-week experience at the KCC Urban Farm, students were able to better understand and explore how their innovative ideas can help impact the way we grow food. By performing hands-on activities, KCC students were able to directly test, observe, and explore their unique ideas. The summer program helped galvanize projects that involved a combination of recycling, solar power, composting, nutrition, energy conservation, and sanitation from the drawing board to reality. This is an exciting step to get more students involved in STEM research to help bring green ideas into reality.

Gina Argento, Trustee of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, is excited to see Kingsborough students enthusiastic about wanting to change the way we live by creating solutions to real-world environmental issues. As a long-time supporter of KCC partners, including working with them to build their STEM lab and CXM academy, Gina looks forwards to continuing to support KCC and its students in creating a brighter and greener future together. Together with KCC, Broadway Stages cheers students and STEM research for the future!

Gina Argento Presents the Broadway Stages Scholarship

Broadway Stages has joined forces with Kingsborough Community College to provide New York City students with the necessary educational tools for academic and lifelong success. Sharing a vision of educational excellence, Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and Brooklyn-based Kingsborough Community College have come together to create the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award!

Gina established the Broadway Stages Award to inspire students to achieve success in their academic careers by providing access to financial resources available through the scholarship.

The Broadway Stages Scholarship Award gives students the opportunity to overcome financial obstacles impeding their academic achievement. Select students pursuing a media-related degree who demonstrate strong work ethic and active community involvement are qualified candidates for the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award. These requirements are included to encourage students to parallel Broadway Stages' commitment to community and passion for media.

Please join Gina in providing more opportunities for student education!

Broadway Stages Partners With Kingsborough CXM Academy

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and Broadway Stages Attorney Anthony Fong are joining the CXM Academy Board at Kingsborough Community College (KCC)! Through the CXM Academy, Broadway Stages, New York City's largest full film production facilities, hopes to introduce passionate individuals to the film production industry.

Kingsborough Community College's CXM Academy provides Kingsborough students with the opportunity to intern at select businesses across the five boroughs. Partnering with local and domestic businesses, the CXM Academy aims to assist students' prime placement into internships that could transform into lifelong careers. Focused on educating the next generation of bright minds, Gina has joined KCC's CXM Academy to invite select students to participate in internships at Broadway Stages. Join CXM and join the Broadway Stages family!

Education Matters to Broadway Stages


Broadway Stages President Gina Argento has long believed in creating a better educational environment for New York students. Providing quality immersive learning experiences helps propel students to achieve their ambitions and hone the skills needed to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Broadway Stages is doing its part to advance opportunities in education through support of various educational institutions ranging from after-school programs to college- and university-level curriculum. Gina has supported such local organizations as the Greenpoint YMCA, Kingsborough Community College, St. Nicks Alliance, and P.S. 110, to name just a few.