Stage 1
Length: 195’
Width: 63’
Height: 25’
Grid: 16’

Stage 2
Length: 195’
Width: 63’
Height: 25’
Grid: 20’

Stage 3
Length: 136’
Width: 70’
Height: 25’
Grid: 18’

Stage 4
Length: 103’
Width: 76’
Height: 17’
Grid: 13’

Stage 5
Width: 40’
Height: 15’
Grid: 14’

Stage 6
Length: 82’
Width: 37’
Height: 16’
Grid: 14.9’


Staten Island Stages

Broadway Stages recently acquired a new facility in Staten Island. The former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, located in the Charleston section of Staten Island will provide an ample amount of space for film and television productions of all sizes. The property consists of many buildings on 67 acres, with endless opportunities. The site is currently being used for location filming, with the first of 5 planned sound stages opening in early 2018. Many of our shows/films have already used the prison facility for its authenticity and real "prison feel". We look forward to launching Staten Island Stages soon. Stay Tuned for Details!