Solar Power Prepared!

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Summer will be in full swing within the month!

With that in mind, Broadway Stages would like to share how we are utilizing the natural solar output of the sun to power our sound stage operations. As a green leader in New York’s Film and TV soundstage companies, Broadway Stages has always been on the lookout to be a sustainable energy consumer in our environment. Following the installation of dozens of solar panels above our sound stages, our solar energy consumption has helped tremendously offset our electrical demands from traditional power grids.

During peak summer months, electrical energy output is at its highest with a majority of the solar energy converted for use by lighting, heat, and air conditioning. These energy demanding outputs would general place a great strain on our electric consumption, however, through the use of solar energy systems, Broadway Stages is partly self sustainable. In fact, the decreased draw on the power grid has an overall positive effect on the environment by reducing our reliance on carbon emitted energy resources. This only continues to benefit the environment and natural biomes.

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Having made a portion of our electrical needs to solar energy, we encourage you to lead your community and do the same! The experience of producing your own power feels amazing. On one hand the energy is directly from the sun and on the other you are in control of your power production. It is a win-win situation and now is the perfect time to make the switch as summer approaches close by. So join us in being solar!

Earth Day 2018!


Welcome to Earth Day 2018!

It has been over 365 days of energy saving, water consciousness, and active environmental contributions by you and your community! For a quick recap lets talk about some of the things that has helped make this Earth Day incredible! This year the U.S has increased solar and wind generation projects, while simultaneously decreasing non-renewal energy projects such as coal. These projects produce positive benefits by reducing carbon emission released the air, over decreasing the greenhouse effect affect global temperature increases. The air will additionally be more cleared of dangerous chemical pollutants usually the byproduct of  coal plants known to pose dangerous environmental and health hazards.

And most importantly, global citizens are making it a trend to be green through social media! This year has come around to be the most successfully holistic and unified effort of global citizens in becoming environmentally conscious. From here on out, the progressive movement toward a global system of energy responsibility is one step closer to making non-renewal energy sources obsolete.

To encourage and continue the Earth Day celebration, Broadway Stages will share some more tips and tricks to help encourage a greener environment:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle…. And Repair!
    Everyone knows the 3R’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle but not many people know its cousin Repair. Repairing goods instead of replacing them can significantly reduce your footprint and save you extra costs. For example, buying durable goods will last longer than poorly made or lower quality items which need to be replaced more often.
  2. Start the Compost Station!
    A large percentage of most trash in U.S households are denoted to organic compounds and foods which can be composted. It is time to start considering the benefits of composting. Composting relieves your trashcan of most of its weight and size. Key benefits include replacing your trash bags less often and fertile soil for the basis of your gardening needs!
  3. Keep the paper in the trees!
    With modern day technologies, paper, though still being produced, can easily be made obsolete by writing on tablets or other electronic alternatives. As deforestation continues destroy whole ecosystems, global citizens need to help protect our precious forests and trees. So next time you are thinking of writing down anything, make an effort to less no paper trails!

Earth Day Water Awareness


The Earth is covered in over 70% by water, however only 2.5% of that is fresh water. Spread between a majority of it locked away in glacier ice, which is melting at a rapid rate, the rest from underground and ground level lakes sources, humans have access of less than 1% of all water on Earth. With the small finite water reserves that we possess, it is imperative that we learn to not waste any of it!

To help you save water and our planet here are some tips to conserve water:

  1. Turn off the Tap!
    Remember to turn off the tap to stop the water from running. Whether it is brushing your teeth, cleansing your face, or washing the dishes, don't forget to turn off the tap when the water is not in use.
  2. Flash Shower!
    Shower like the Flash. When showering try to conserve as much water by showering as quickly as possible. Save your singing routine for another time.
  3. Buy WaterSense approved appliances!
    Like Energy Star products, WaterSense approved appliances are tested for water efficiency rather than electricity. In fact, WaterSense appliance save on average 20% or more water than traditional appliances.

Next time you are using water keep these tips in mind, a small effort will go a long way!


Earth Day Only 1 Week Away!


Earth Day is only 1 week away!

The Earth, more than 4.5 billion years old, has supported 8 million species with many more to be discovered. The magnificent Mother Earth has cultivated incredible biomes and environments with beautiful sceneries that have lasted billions of years.

Lets help Mother Earth continue to live in environmental prosperity by each doing our part to keep her healthy this Earth Day.

One of the best ways to contribute back to nature is to start gardening! Its time to start increasing your green footprint right in your backyard. Simply planting vegetation or trees in your own backyard can have a tremendous positive effect on the local environment. Known to recycle the carbon dioxide in the air, plant can help increase your green footprint by produce cleaner more oxygen air while depleting carbon dioxide in the air. Your actions in unison with your fellow neighbors and New Yorkers will accumulate into a significant real world impact if everyone does their part!

Planting in your garden is as easy as a 3 step process! All you have to do is dig, plant, and water! Its that simple. What are you waiting for, go help save the Earth today!


YMCA Summer Camp Around the Corner!


Summer is rolling in right around the corner!

The YMCA offers an amazing summer experience for youths in the New York area! From sports to the arts, YMCA offers a wide variety of specially designed youth camps to engage a range of educational interests. Open to all families across the five boroughs, YMCA operates 11 camps each with specific designations based on location, age, and activity. Enrichment activities spread through the day for the children include group activities while focusing on healthy living habits such as daily nutrition and keeping active. With many activities and even more friends to be made, YMCA summer camp will bring many memories to your children and family. 

A proud supporter of the YMCA, Gina Argento of Broadway Stages, encourages families to enroll in their children into the summer camp program! As a financial contributor the YMCA, Gina is among the community members whom help supplement or secure funding for families qualified for financial support. Her contributions toward supporting local families is part of her efforts to reinvest in local community members,  always acknowledging the importance of community cohesion. With that in mind, you can be assured that Gina and fellow community contributor want your family and children to experience an amazing summer with YMCA!

OHEL and Broadway Stages for the Community

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For over 40 years, Ohel has created and grown into an extraordinary community of committed families and individuals that seek to provide care, support, nurture, and love to children and families in need. The Ohel organization recognizes the immense challenges of emotional and mental health of all ages addressing needs including foster care, mental health care, disability care, and educational training. The plethora of care programs for Ohel members seek to ensure each unique case of care is appropriately addressed and each person is cared for. Most notably, the organization is responsible for organizing Camp Kaylie, a fully integrated sleep-away camp for young campers in the Catskills Mountains. The groundbreaking program cultivates peer relationships, personal development, and self-confidence in young leaders. In fact, Ohel has been able to properly serve over 120,000 combined individuals and families with the help of community volunteers and staff between all its programs.

Grateful for Ohel's incredible dedication and commitment to improving the well-beings of community members, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports Ohel and its programs by financial contributions. Gina wishes to grow the ever increasing number of 120,000 families and individuals receiving Ohel services to positively affect their lives to even greater numbers. The partnership between Gina and Ohel will continue to grow with the unification of both partners only leading to an even greater positive impact of many more New Yorker families and lives.

Broadway Stages : Brooklyn's Premier Sound Stage

Broadway Stages has been in New York’s Film and TV industry for almost half a century, with decades amazing experience delivering quality sound stages and superior service to our amazing clients, including:

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Similar to our commitment to our clients, Broadway Stages shares the same sentiment towards the Greenpoint community, where we are operate. With Brooklynites in mind, Broadway Stages established Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farm, the first public accessible urban farm in North Brooklyn.




What began as a small project quickly spread around the neighborhood like wildfire, with dozens of visitors now learning about urban agriculture and purchasing locally grown fresh produce. Amazed with the turnout of events, Broadway Stages only looked to continue investing in projects that improve Greenpoint’s quality of life.



As Brooklyn premier sound stage, Broadway Stages will continue to serve the Greenpoint community with sentiment and conduct that mirror the relationship to our clients. We seek always try to improve and reinvest into Greenpoint’s community for the ultimate benefit of the community. We hope to lead by example for other by treating our clients and our community with the same respect and dedication!

Staten Island Children's Museum


The Staten Island Children’s Museum is truly a museum specifically tailored with children in mind. The museum is designed with many moving parts that allow students to experience hands on engagement in its various exhibits that range from board games, arts and crafts, playhouses, and job exhibitions! Unlike other museums, children at the SICM are encouraged to test and experience the different exhibits, each with purpose of expanding their general knowledge of the world.

Supporting the preservation of this unique learning experience is Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages. Gina agrees that learning can be fun and educational at the same time! To continue the wonderful experience that students can receive at the SICM, Gina contributes donations to subsidize operating costs for the various exhibits in the museum. Her support to ensure the SICM can continue to operate and stay open for New York students is part of her larger mission to enhance educational access to all students. She hopes her contributions at SICM can inspire those around her to support her endure to provide free educational access or educational opportunities!

Staten Island's Goodhue Center


The Children’s Aid Society Goodhue Center located in Staten Island has served hundred of youth and families since the 1912 for the benefit of Staten Island residents. The center, which is one of the largest greenspaces on Staten Island, is complete with outdoor facilities including ball fields, gardens, open spaces, and a pool. Created with the purpose educational learning through after-school programs and nutritional awareness through nutritional activities and physical exercise, the program focuses on providing youth and families opportunities to learn and enrich their lives. Gina Argento, Broadway Stages President, wants to encourage the continued enrichment programs offered at the Goodhue Center. For the benefit of Staten Island families, Gina helps support popular programs at the center including the robotic club, sports teams, summer camps, and nutritional awareness programs through financial donations. Gina hopes her contributions can allow the families and children of Staten Island to enjoy free educational learning and maximize physical health. Ultimately, she hopes to inspire others in the New York Community to support local organization that aim to improve the lives of our neighbors in Staten Island.

Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School

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The Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School commits itself to a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum to allow students to enjoy the full depth of academic excellence across school programs. Programs that include english, math, science, history, arts, and enrichment all aim to fundamentally develop critical thinking, character development, and good standards of conduct. Recognized as an outstanding educational institution, the CGPS instills amazing educational knowledge to its students and good citizenship. Moreover, integral to the CGPS to help keep students at pace to high academic performances is field trips to allow students to relax and form social interactions between peers. At CGPS’s annual Columbia on Ice event, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, showed her support for ongoing the annual event by purchasing sponsored ticketed for students and faculty. She believes every student and faculty whom wishes to attend an have fun ice skating should be able to enjoy ice skating with their fellow peers without financial burdens. Supporting opportunities like these an incredible experience for Gina, who only look to share the success of Broadway Stages back to the New York Community.

Southside United HDFC


“A place where everyone supports each other, that is a community.”

Southside United (SU), a local Brooklyn organization, offers sustainable housing and social services to create rehabilitation opportunities for Williamsburg residents. Assisting and assuring Brooklyn residents of their housing rights, responsibilities in civic engagements, and city-wide resources in their individual cases. In fact, SU developed three departments, each to engage and resolve different community issues: those being the Real Estate Development Department to acquire and develop housing units for the benefit of local residents, the Tenant and Community Organizing Department to resolve and assist in housing issues, and the Social Services Department which supportive counseling and advocacy for current and former residents.

Funding from these departments come in part from the SU Annual Fundraiser Reception to maintain and finance the undertaking of the three departments. A firm believer in the power of communal support and improvement programs, Gina Argento, Broadway Stages President, wishes to continue to offer Brooklynites the opportunity access to the incredible services of SU. In fact, Gina expressed her gratitude to SU’s amazing commitment to Brooklyn by donating to the fundraiser to support SU achieve even more for Williamsburg. Helping the Brooklyn community is just another day for Gina!

Kingsborough Annual Homecoming!


Kingsborough Community College celebrates a wonderful day of joy and festive activities in honor of Homecoming Alumni. At the 13th Annual Homecoming Day Celebration, or commonly known as the Back to the Beach celebration for those familiar with the Kingsborough culture, Kingsborough invited past scholars to reconnect with friends and professors alike. The event seeks to share the incredible achievements that the Kingsborough alumni have achieved since their academic careers at Kingsobough.

Highlights from the celebration included live entertainment, arts and craft, photo booths, contests, carnival snacks, and last but not least crowning of the King and Queen of Homecoming. Gina Argento, Board Member for Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, was amazed to see the enormous turnout and wonderful success of the Homecoming event. Upholding her duty as a Board Member, Gina donated to the Homecoming event to show her support to include live entertainments and offset setup costs. As expected the diligently planned activities were amazingly popular with event attendees as selected by the Kingsborough staff. There could have not been a better day to bring together intelligent scholars and role model citizens to commemorate them as the leaders of tomorrow.