Greener Everyday With Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is helping create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future with this year’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative. The program which challenges students to develop their own sustainable concepts while studying about real world sustainability at KCC’s Urban Farm.

Learning from their five week experience at the KCC Urban Farm, students were able to better understand and explore how their innovative ideas can help impact the way we grow food. By performing hands on activities, KCC students were able to directly test, observe, and explore their unique ideas that help change the way we view food. The summer program helped galvanize projects that involved a combination of recycling, solar power, composting, nutrition, energy conservation, and sanitation from the drawing board to reality. This is already a very promising and exciting step for more students to be involved in STEM research or STEM study to help bring green ideas into our reality!

Gina Argento, Trustee of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, is excited to see Kingsborough students enthusiastic about want to change the way we live by creating solutions to real world environmental issues. Having been a long-time supporter of partners to KCC, working with them to build their STEM lab in addition to the CXM academy, Gina looks forwards to continuing to support KCC and its students in creating a brighter and greener future together. Together with KCC, Broadway Stages cheers KCC students and STEM research for the future!

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SING Your Heart Out!

SING your heart out!

SING is an annual student musical production that showcases collective student talent in the form of a musical production. With turns outs that are easily fill the auditorium in over 23 schools, SING is one of the most popular events in participating high schools, and rightfully so with planning beginning months in advance. The production, which is fully ran by students from creative script writing, unique dance choreography, and song selection, challenges students to work in harmony for a greater cause. More importantly, it is a great a way for students to build long lasting friendships and learn teamwork skills through sharing the desire to create the best SING performance.

Created to spark student school spirit, SING has accomplished itself beyond that capacity with parents and school faculty rallying behind the event with just as much excitement. In fact over 5,480 parents, staff, even graduated high school students, attend the annual SING across 23 high schools to show their support and enthusiasm for the semester rehearsal and practice. The event is also a great opportunity for students to tie up the school year by showcasing their artistic talents to their parents and teachers.

As one of New York’s largest full service film and production companies, Broadway Stages seeks to help and support student education in musical production that develop strong friendships and explore individual creative expressions. Staying true to our commitment to education, Broadway Stages has financially supported this year’s SING by covering over 1/3 of SING’s expenses. Happily assisting in sponsoring production supplies and production consultants from ArtsConnection, Broadway Stages understands that productions require ample financial resources to properly operate and look to help where we can. Supporting 23 schools student-ran musical productions this year, with each student showcasing their individual and collective talents, during SING is a event that Broadway Stages is proud to have helped make happen.

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Staten Island Stages Right Around the Corner!

The former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, located in Staten Island, has been vacant since 2011 with Empire State Development looking for developers to repurpose and revitalize the old facility into an economic center for the Island. 

Since 2013, Broadway Stages has been committed to redeveloping the Arthur Kill facility into an economic center for the Staten Island community. Looking to bring the film and television industry into Staten Island, Broadway Stages wants to share the economic boon and benefits with local Staten Island business owners and residents. It is no secret that film production requires not only hundreds of personnel to produce each episode but also require local services such as food, location, or supplies from local vendors. Just as Broadway Stages sources all of our resources from local Brooklyn based businesses, Staten Island Stages will follow the same commitment towards the local neighborhood businesses. This translates to restaurants getting daily orders, construction material from Staten Island businesses, and businesses being paid using its locations to for filming. The reinvestment back into the Staten Island business will create a cycle of continual economic prosperity between the incoming film industry and business owners. 

When selected to develop the property in 2014, Broadway Stages has invested financial resources into the property to help bring the property up to building code, provide working electric and water utilities, and hired security among other necessary services to develop the property. Even prior to yesterday's closing, Broadway Stages was fully committed to maintaining the property for the past few years. With the closing completed, Staten Island Stages will be able to start construction for 5 new full sound stages, production offices, construction shops, and set dressing spaces. In total, upon the completion of Staten Island Stages, there will be an expected 1,300 new jobs created in the area added to the Staten Island economy with the construction of the facility to employ 350 workers on the project.

Set to open on 2018, Staten Island Stages aims to become the best sound stages location for Staten Island and hopes to bring in major economic benefits to the Staten Island business owners and people. Staten Island Stages Coming Soon!

New York's Superheroes Are Here To Stay!

In a recent announcement by Governor Cuomo, New York State and Marvel Studios has reached an agreement that will extend the upcoming Marvel's original TV show, The Defenders. The show which follows the story of individual superheroes whom join forces to defeat the villainous organization, The Hand, will add an additional 75 episodes to the initial 60 episodes already planned to be filmed in New York City.

Increases in planned episode is not only good news for the film industry and fans but the New York economy as a whole. The incoming new episodes adds to the benefits of New York's state film tax credit for production companies whom operate in New York State. The tax credit has already helped spur $17 billion of economic activity along with helping employ over 1 million jobs since 2011. The explosion of economic activity in the film industry benefits a wide range of neighbor industries from such as the clothing and art industry. In addition, the production activity also impacts small businesses such as local restaurants which help feed hundreds of people that operate a production everyday. The impacts and benefits of the film industry are spread to small and large businesses alike. 

With the tax credit to extend until 2022, New York City is sure to stay a booming film industry and is sure to create booming business for those who service the film industry. The film credit has and will continue to make the New York film industry to be the best in the world. 

Glendale and Brooklyn 94th Precinct National Night Out Sponsored by Broadway Stages

This Tuesday, Broadway Stages held an the National Night Out to honor hard working and brave men and woman of the 94th Precinct protecting Greenpoint everyday. Celebrating the annual community event to promote police and resident camaraderie helps to create safer neighborhoods by bringing together local residents with those to pledge to serve them. The event planned for our local officers in blue sponsored by Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and Founder Tony Argento turned out to be a huge success!

Broadway Stages invited all our Brooklyn neighbors in Greenpoint to enjoy delicious grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages topped with fresh veggies on us! Serving hundreds of families and children that night, Broadway Stages came prepared with dozens of pounds of food to accommodate our hungry guest without shortages.

Amongst the most popular attraction at the event for both children and adults was the water jet game. The game involves shooting a water pistol jetting a stream of water at a target 3 feet away to elevate your pole to the top. The game attracted all ages from young children to adults with winners who rose their poles the fastest taking home toys from SpongeBob plushies to emoji plushies!


















Tying up the night was a showing of all the honorable servicemen and woman who strive to keep our communities and families safe. As police officers walked upon the stage, they were greeted with rounds of applauses by community members who felt thankful for their service. Receiving cheers from the crowd, the 94th Precinct sure felt right at home at the National Night Out.

We hope that the 94th Precinct and our fellow Brooklynites were able to enjoy the event  Broadway Stages held and look forward to continuing to serve our community as the 94th Precinct does.

Brooklyn Eagle at Broadway Stages' Kingsland Wildflower Brooklyn Reveal

When asked about the enormous of cost for foundational engineering, soil and water bedding, and roofing, by the Brooklyn Eagle during the first Brooklyn Reveal event, a multipart series to showcase the progress of the Kingsland Wildflower project, Tony Argento says,

"Just look around you."

Founder of Broadway Stages and partner of the Kingsland Wildflower Project Tony Argento, believes that you cannot put on a price on the natural environmental and strives to personally protecting resources. As a business owner in Greenpoint, Tony Argento is familiar with the importance of the Newtown Creek to the Greenpoint community. While looking for ways to protect the natural integrity of area for generations to come, Tony was more than happy to commit financial resources, roof space, and personal time to the Kingsland Wildflower Project.

Having initially already committed 22,000 square feet of space in roofing for the project, Tony has already pledged an additional 10,000 square feet for the green space to expand.  The extra space only adds to the gross area that is already inhabited by flowers, insects, and birds. More green roofing also absorbs more rainwater that benefits the Newtown Creek because “it prevents rainwater from flowing into the storm drains and overflowing the Creek. ” When the additional 20,000 square feet are completed, the Wildflower project will more than double in its environmental impact. 

Since 2015, the Kingsland Project brought together preservationist from Broadway Stages, Alive Structures, the NYC Audubon, and Trout in the Classroom to restore and revitalize the Newtown Creek area for Brooklynites. And only 2 years later, 10,000 square feet of open garden space is completed with 20,000 more square feet set to be completed in the following years to come. Stick around for more to come!


AM New York visits our Rooftop Farm

Urban Farming has grown in popularity over the last decade with new farms sprouting every few months in New York City. The entire niche industry is now more seeing more  growth than ever before with new city regulations that allow expanded farm sizes and investor interest in the scaling the urban farms into larger businesses. The spur of the urban rooftop farming movement was put forth by early pioneers that saw potential in building healthy and delicious farming alternatives right in the heart of New York.

At the forefront of urban rooftop farming was Broadway Stages' Eagle Street Rooftop Farms located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn which started in 2009 with help from expert farmer Annie Novak. Almost a decade old, the Rooftop Farms is considered to be NYC's iconic farming destination, ranking 1st in EcoWatch's list of NYC's urban farming projects.

Local newspaper AMNY stopped by this week to showcase to New Yorkers the positive benefits of Broadway Stages and Annie Novak partnership in helping grow a niche community that is focused on providing fresh quality foods right in our own city.

"Now theres a positive shift from the community who wants to see these spaces" says Annie. Annie reminds everyone that the produce grown at Rooftop Farms, which range from kale, spinach, to other vegetables are the sources of quality ingredients served at local restaurants including Anella’sSpritzenhaus and Marlow & Sons.

While serving restaurants in the Brooklyn area, Rooftop Farms also makes sure to include local residents to share the experience of urban farming. Rooftop Farms invites local Brooklynites to come and visit the rooftop on Sundays, participating as an urban farmers or a locals who are looking to purchase fresh ingredients. The farm also hosts educational workshops for students to learn about the positive environmental benefits of urban farming and gives a demonstration how the farm grows its vegetables. Rooftop Farm is perfect for New Yorkers who want to learn about urban farming and eat fresh. Come visit us soon!

A Look Into The Kingsland Wildflowers Project During The Brooklyn Reveal

The Kingsland Wildflowers Rooftop Wildflower Project sponsored by Broadway Stages seeks to pioneer new opportunities to preserve native wildlife and flowers species in New York City urban spaces.

The Wildflowers project utilizes Broadway Stages’ warehouse infrastructure to support up to 22,000 square feet of soil and compost used for growing plants. The abundance of plants will act as natural habit spaces for wildlife such as birds and insects. The endeavor to sustain and preserve wildlife species and nature are part Broadway Stages‘ commitment to environmental stewardship.

Since the project began in 2015, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has committed financial resources to construct the foundation of the garden and dozens of workers to plant thousands of flowers.

Almost 2 years later, Broadway Stages occasionally grants members of the community a “sneak peek” into the progress of the project. During our “Brooklyn Reveal” events, Broadway Stages offers attendees the opportunity to walk about the rooftop garden and learn about the progress of the Kingsland Wildflower Project.

The rooftop space once completed will also function as a public space open to residences and neighbors to enjoy recreational activity. The rooftop offers a plethora of flowers ranging from bright Tickseeds to violet Aster flowers. Visitors can walk about a stone path carved through the garden of flowers that emulates a walk through a flower field. Though not yet fully completed, Broadway Stages wants to assure you the project is soon to be completed! So make sure to look out for the full completion of the Kingsland Wildflowers Project soon!

A Lost To The Greenpoint Community- The Park Deli Set To Close

Park Delicatessen, the haven for Polish comfort food is known amongst the Greenpoint community as the “go to” location for delicious Polish cuisine. The family owned restaurant, known simply as Park Deli to locals, has been around for nearly a decade serving traditional Polish cuisine to thousands hungry Brooklynites all year long. Unfortunately, Krystna Godawa, owner of Park Deli, has recently announced the closing of its doors on August 1 due to a two-fold increase in rent.

The beloved food heaven was a popular and daily destination for lunch and dinner for the Broadway StagesFamily. Among the members of the theatrical union at working at Broadway Stages, Richie Vetere, notes that, “there’s going to be a lot of disappointed Teamsters.” Vetere says around 75 workers working at Broadway Stages rely on the Park Deli to satisfy their craving for chicken cutlet, Swedish meatballs, sauerkraut, and crispy pierogi. In addition to workers from Broadway Stages, Park Deli is also a favorite eatery for production workers, whom use Broadway Stages’ sound stages to film hit shows such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Blue Bloods. The popular spot is also a loved breakfast, lunch, and dinner destination from dozens of local 94th Precinct policemen and policewomen looking to satisfy a long day’s work with hot delicious foods.

Broadway Stages is sad to see that our fellow Greenpoint business and beloved Polish restaurant will soon be no longer open. Broadway Stages has always supported local restaurants such as Park Deli to benefit local businesses as part of our Brooklyn commitment. Broadway Stages always looks to buy local because we believe in supporting helping our neighbors. We advise to visit the Park Deli located at 209 Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn while you still can to show as much support as possible until August 1. Don’t miss the chance to try one of the most amazing home-cooked Polish in Brooklyn!

5K Run on July 15th for YMCA!

The Brooklyn Cyclone Baseball team sponsors an annual 5K run to raise funding for a select cause or institution that will benefit the New York public. This year the fund raising event will donate all proceeds to the YMCA of Greater New York.

Participants are able to choose their local YMCA branch or any participating YMCA branch as recipients of their proceeds. Runners will start from Surf Avenue at 9 A.M on July 15th and run a 5 mile course finishing at the MCU Park’s home plate. In addition, benefactors of the event will receive enjoy free food and beverages to refuel post-run and also receive tickets eligible to view the Brooklyn Cyclones for up to 3 games. The cost of the signing up, which will be proceeds to benefit YMCA, starts at $40-$60 depending on when you sign up.

As a previous benefactor to the YMCA at Greenpoint, YMCA Strong Kids’ Campaign, and a recipient of the YMCA Volunteer Award, President Gina Argento has been an avid financial supporter of YMCA events with this July’s 5K run being no exception. Having supported various YMCA initiatives and campaigns in the past, Gina believes the 5K run will be also be a great platform to help increase awareness for youth development programs while raising the necessary funds to continue YMCA operations.

Following Gina’s footsteps at the Flushing YMCA branch from Broadway Stages is Anthony Fong, General Consul of Broadway Stages and Board Member of Flushing YMCA. Anthony has been active member since joining the board in 2017, having already taken leadership initiative by financially supporting the Flushing YMCA to reach its campaign goals for the 5K race.

Broadway Stages‘ Gina Argento and Anthony Fong encourage you to join YMCA for day of funding and fun at the 5K run event. What are you waiting for make sure to sign up for the the 5K Run on July 15 and show your support for YMCA!

Broadway Stages Support North Brooklyn Businesses

Broadway Stages has stayed true to our North Brooklyn and East Williamsburg neighbors and businesses by always trying to purchase materials and source services from Brooklyn vendors. Believing that Brooklynites are part the Broadway Stages family Broadway Stages is an active and participatory member of Evergreen with the goal to support Brooklyn businesses in need of business advising.

Evergreen manages the Industrial Business Zones and Empire Zones of North Brooklyn by providing business with reliable and quality assistance in tax credits, financing, energy, workforce and real estate. Responsible for assistance in business service needs of over 10,000 business in the Industrial Business and Ombudsman Zones, Evergreen is committed to growing a variety of different Brooklyn businesses. With the identical missions to make businesses competitive and successful, Broadway Stages works together with Evergreen to combine our resources for greater positive impact.

Committed to positively impacting business owners, Broadway Stages works with Evergreen by providing Evergreen with funds required to sustain business advising service and assistance programs. Looking to grow the number of successful businesses, Broadway Stages believes our active participation as a Evergreen member will help thousands of more business to receive essential business resources and services that has shown to help businesses succeed.

As an active member of Evergreen, Broadway Stages recently sponsored the Annual Celebration which allows us to directly impact Brooklyn businesses by increasing funding to high-quality business services, business advising, and business networking opportunities. Together with Evergreen and other fellow Evergreen members, we can build a stronger  Brooklyn business economy!

Gina Argento leads the Ridgewood YMCA with the Community Leader Award

YMCA is community center that encourages children to achieve their best through physical and mental activities. Designed to emphasize friendship, social responsibilities, and healthy living, YMCA plays a positive role in shaping youth behavior and attitudes to inspire positive growth and development. YMCA staff teach  important the qualities of altruism and benevolence in its young members to mold youths in becoming a role model citizen and lead a more fulfilling life.

Deeply believing in the importance of youth education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, actively participates as Board Members across various YMCA organizations spanning between Queens and Brooklyn. She has dedicated countless hours and financial resources to ensure that New York City youths are provided with youth development programs at YMCA, which are shown to have significant impact on a child’s mental and social growth. Committed to ensuring the quality youth can continue to help instill positive characteristics in the next generation, Gina sponsors and contributes to YMCA to provide the necessary financial resources required for program operations.

Recognized for her continual support and youth commitment at the Queens Community Ridgewood YMCA, Gina Argento has been selected to receive the Ridgewood YMCA’s Community Leader Award. Given to the most impactful participating member, the Community Leader Award celebrates the tremendous efforts of and dedication of YMCA’s most accomplished member in changing the lives family and youth. With past recipients of the award ranging from Senators such as Joseph Addabbo and New York Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, Gina Argento joins her fellow peers in creating a better future for New York City youths. Gina plans to continue to support youth program and only looks to expand her positive influence to New York youths!