St. Francis Genovesi Scholarship!


Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, is excited to add the St. Francis Genovesi Scholarship to the list of sponsored scholarships she is able to contribute to. Believing in providing students with access to quality educational resources, Gina wishes to eliminate or significantly reduce financial barriers to educational opportunities for students. One of the most effective ways she has found to address this is by contributing to school sponsored scholarships such as the St. Francis Genovesi Scholarship! Students whom recipient of the scholarship will be able to subsidize tuition or school material cost such as textbooks. Scholarships are hugely beneficial to students because they remove any financial uncertainty from students and allow them to solely focus on their academic studies. She is enthusiastic to be able to have continued to contribute to St. Francis scholarships has she has done so in the past and look forward to continue working with St. Francis for the benefit of its students!

Little Libraries for Williamsburg High School of Architecture and Design


Students from the Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design(WHSAD) wished to embrace their desire to learn and inspire their love for reading via Little Free Libraries. Little Free Libraries are small post with open access to all members of the community to exchange, take, and donate books. The Little Libraries are community ran library outpost that encourages the sharing of reading material for free that would otherwise inaccessible. This initiative will greatly help inspire students to read and learn more about various subjects such as math, science, philosophy, english, history, and more!

Materials and resources needed to complete the Little Free Library were donated by Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages. Gina, who has donated to similar projects that encourage learning with books such as the Story Book Voyager, wants to help provide students with a medium to share and inspire each other to pursue greater knowledge. Helping the WHSCAD build Little Libraries for students was an opportunity she could not pass up!

Life Audrey Johnson Toy Drive


The Life Audrey Johnson Learning Center is an amazing Brooklyn based childcare organization teaching children aged 2 to 5 years old. Regularly teaching 60 students at a time, the day care center’s small teaching group helps personalize each student learning experience and provide a personal touch to child development. This Christmas, The Day Care center asked from the community to support its toy drive for its students. Wishing to make a difference for the benefit of the kindergarten student, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, made sure to contribute to the day care’s toy drive! Donating items ranging from toy cars, coloring books, dolls, action figures, and much more! Each student was able to happily select their gift of choice and excited to play with their toys! Gina was happy to see each child receive the gift they wanted and hope they can enjoy the best of their Christmas presents!

Broadway Stages End of the Year Review!

Wrapping up the end of 2017, Broadway Stages has created an annual newsletter for the public! Take a look at this years highlights with Broadway Stages and the many amazing organizations we have worked with this year! We would like to thank all our supporters and organizations we have supported for helping make this 2017 and incredible and unforgettable year! We hope we can make this 2018 an even better year!

Incredible Year for Hunter College!


It has been another amazing year for one of New York’s leading educational institutions, Hunter College. Moving from the 48th spot to the 28th “Best Regional Universities, North” this year alone, attests to Hunter Colleges commitment to continuously improve its educational criteria.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, encourages local citizens to support local educational institutions. Empowering our students with quality educational resources can lead them to a life of success beyond the academic scope. Having always been a contributor to local colleges, such as Hunter College or Kingsborough Community College, Gina wanted to express her belief in access of free education. Donations like her help make possible the incredible educational benefit of scholarships programs that open doors to learning opportunities. Scholarship grant access to critical educational resources that can evaluated and transform a student’s academic studies into a career path.

Gina wishes fellow New Yorkers join her in supporting and providing undergraduate scholars with the educational tools necessary to transform their lives through the donations of others.

Angels of the New Year


What better way to start off the New Year than by supporting education for New York City students! As a participant of the Angels program, Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, helps young scholars in elementary and intermediate schools the necessary educational resources to continue to receive quality Catholic educations. Her contributions as an Angel, help significantly reduce or completely subsidize a child’s educational cost. Recipient families of the Angel program are relived of most or all financial obligations from school tuition for their children. Gina sees her support for the Angel program more than just helping students receive a quality education,  it is positive investment in each child. In fact, Angels and student recipients interact on a personal level through hand written letters and artworks to communicate. Angels and then able to personally see the success of each student that they help support and can be more involved in leading each student to be the best they can be. Gina encourages everyone to join her in participating in the Angel program offered by Futures in Education this year and make a difference!

St. Ignatius School on its 23rd Year of Education!

rich-and-kids-676x306 (1).jpg

St. Ignatius School (SIS) empowers students in the South Bronx to succeed in their academic careers in conjunction with the school’s drive for encouraging personal well-being. The middle school structures its main curriculum around seven subjects: English Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Religion, and Music Program. The school also offers a range of daily extracurricular activities in the form of after-school clubs that satisfy a diverse interests ranging from anime, film, photography, book to math, fitness and leadership clubs. SIS makes sure to satisfy both academic, creative, and physical well-being of its students.

Soon to celebrate its twenty-third anniversary, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages would like to congratulate the St. Ignatius School for supporting, educating, and benefitting the students of the South Bronx by providing quality educational programs. To help show her support for the SIS community, Gina has provided financial contributions to sponsor a student of the SIS community. The sponsorship allows for the student to receive the quality education and quality supporting staff at the SIS. She hopes that her donation will be able to benefit the academic and personal growth of the student and others to come! Broadway Stages would also like to wish SIS many more years of success to come and hope to positively impact many more students!

Happy New Year!

new years poster.jpg

Welcome to the New Year!

Broadway Stages wants to welcome all our supporters a Happy New Year! 2017 has been an incredible year for us and we would love to thank the New York Community in allowing us to participate in dozens of charity, educational, and community events. Whether it was working with great educational organization such as Nysunworks and Kingsborough Community College or community organization such as the YMCA or Catholic Charities, Broadway Stages was happy to be apart of and contribute various program that benefit our community and families.

Our community involvement has only continued to increase over the years and this 2018 we plan to be every more active across the five boroughs with the goal to spread our support without limits. Look out for us in 2018, Broadway Stages will make its greatest positive impact yet!

Christmas Presents with PS 114!

unnamed (1).jpg

The most enjoyable gift to give during Christmas at Broadway Stages is the gift of giving!

This Christmas, Broadway Stages wanted to surprise students at PS114, a local elementary public school, with Christmas presents. Students were able to select from themselves a range of toys, board games, and art books as their Christmas presents! The coordinated effort came from a collaboration between Broadway Stages and fellow teachers at the school whom were seeking donations. After learning of teachers seeking donations for Christmas, Broadway Stages wanted to help fulfill as many student presents as possible. 

The event was an fun and exciting experience for students, teachers, and Broadway Stages staff, whom helped coordinate and arrange for delivery. Nothing means more than seeing young students whom were able to receive their desired Christmas presents and being able to help out our local Brooklyn schools! Broadway Stages would like to wish students and teachers at PS114 Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to the 94th Precinct!


Broadway Stages would like to thank our local 94th Precinct for serving the Greenpoint Community and its residents. We believe that Greenpoint's well-being is a top priority and requires lots of hard work and dedication to keep it safe for our families and friends. We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your continued dedication to making our neighborhood a place where we can enjoy with our families. Your family at Broadway Stages would like to wish all the officers at the 94th a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and will continue to support you and the Greenpoint community for the years to come!

Broadway Stages Christmas Toy Drive For Brooklyn Families!


Broadway Stages hosted our largest Christmas event of the season at our Annual Toy Drive this Christmas weekend. The event, open to all of the public, encouraged local Brooklyn families to visit our Kingsland Ave studios spaces to celebrate a day of festivities, fun, and laughter. Set aside for the event was a large open space on the 4th floor of our Kingsland studio ready with catered food, beverages, and photo booths. Broadway Stages prepared tray full of chicken tenders, pasta, risotto, potato fries, fresh vegetables, greens, ham, mozzarella sticks, and much more! We were sure to have cookies and tasty pastries beautifully lined up for children and families to grab as soon as they were ready for dessert. Already set up at each seat and table were Christmas themed arts and craft for children to create, color, and decorate with one another!

While setting up for the the Toy Drive, we were expecting over a hundred people to attend our event throughout the day and never would be have expected an even better and greater turnout from the community! Starting at 12pm and no later by 1pm were all the seats and tables all filled with even more families continuing to show up ready to join them! As more attendees arrived, Broadway Stages staff mobilized to bring chairs and tables more nearby studios to accommodate every family possible.

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without Santa Claus. At the peak of the afternoon, Santa Claus arrives with his reindeers and helpers and greets each child with warm welcomes and listen to grant their Christmas wish. Most of which were presents that would be soon granted a few minutes after!


In total over 400 parents and children were served to our Toy Drive with most able to enjoy delicious food and fun activities while all families with children were able to participate in the Toy Drive. Of course Broadway Stages came prepared with over 500 toys ranging from game boards, sports equipment, cars, action figures and dolls, arts supplies, and many more! Each child was able to select their own present for Christmas with all of them leaving for happy faces and smilies! We want to thank the community for coming to our Christmas Toy Drive and wish you all Happy Holidays!


Christmas at Irving Square Park!


Christmas spirit fills the air at Irving Square Park on Christmas weekend. A gathering of local residents and neighbors came out on Saturday to embrace the holiday spirit together! The organized event included partners from neighborhood organizations including the a local orchestra of brass instruments, the 83rd Precinct, Fidelis Care, and Broadway Stages. Present at the event was Councilman Rafael Espinal of District 37 to give a welcoming attendees and sponsors for their contributions. 


The event began with group song by local students in the nearby school accompanied by sing alongs from the crowd whom joined in. Following their performance was a group of local volunteer orchestra that played classical Christmas melodies such as "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Feliz La Vida." At the conclusion of all the performances came Santa Claus himself! While families and children waited their turns they were able to enjoy delicious cookies and beverage we brought from attendees! 

We hope everyone had a great time at the Irving Square Christmas event and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!