We Say Never Stop Giving Back!


“Never stop giving back,” says Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages.

Those are the words that Broadway Stages was built upon when Tony Argento, Founder of Broadway Stages, opened his first soundstage in the 1980s. Even when just starting out in the Film and TV industry, Tony always wanted to reinvest his success back into the local business owners because he believed in spreading his success to his community members. This meant he went to local shops for equipment, local restaurants for food, and hired local residents as workers. Therefore, Broadway Stages’ success was always going to directly help the fellow community members and businesses.

Since then over the course 30 years, Broadway Stages has always stayed true to our founding principle imprinted by Founder Tony Argento. Today that traditional is carried on by sister and CEO Gina Argento. Though the company has grown sizably since, Gina Argento has not forgotten the principle values of community commitment and local reinvestments. From sponsoring annual block parties for families in Brooklyn, cooking delicious meals for community residents, or buying clothes for clothing drives, Broadway Stages’ community responsibility have not changed and will only continue to be stronger.

In addition to the community commitment put in place by Tony, Gina has since added educational commitments to Broadway Stages’ list of community commitments. As a significant supporter of programs at the Greenpoint YMCA, the Green Science Week at PS110, and Nysunworks across the five boroughs, Gina is committed to supporting New York City students across a wide educational spectrum in their pursuit of academia and knowledge. In fact, Gina was even able to help build a school in the Philippines after it was destroyed by a typhoon. Providing students educational is a top priority for Gina who has already sponsored dozens of STEM(science, technology, engineering, and math) events this year alone.

With that in mind, as we expand into Staten Island, Broadway Stages is excited to get the opportunity to support businesses and student education in Staten Island.

Summer Solar Success!

solar poster.jpg

Over the summer, Broadway Stages was excited for and thankful for the abundant days of bright sunlight. Not only did the sun bring about great weather and lively atmosphere, but it also brought with it, from 92 million miles, the tremendous free energy of the sun. Seemingly unlimited in its energy output, the sun was the perfect clean energy alternative for Broadway Stages to use to replace our reliance on traditional energy that harm the environment. To realize our solar program, Broadway Stages, in collaboration with Brooklyn based Solar Energy Systems, installed innovative solar panel technology, totaling over 50,000 sqft to capture sunlight and convert to usable electric energy.

Since 2010, Broadway Stages has naturally sourced over 25% of our annual electric needs from natural sunlight. Our solar panels are able to convert sunlight into 1,200,000kWh of electrical power used for studios lights, back lights, air conditioning, and offices. Acting as a viable green alternative to traditional energy resources, solar energy does not release or emit any harm such as carbon dioxide and methane. Instead, solar energy is a clean source of energy that does not harm environment or the natural ecosystem and requires no other input other than the daily light from the sun.

Due to the tremendous success of our solar energy program at our Greenpoint location, Broadway Stages has included solar energy systems as part of our sound stage transformation across our other locations in Brooklyn and Queens. This solar commitment will naturally extend to our new and upcoming Staten Island Stages at Arthur Kill. Planned for the upcoming year, solar energy will look to produce a significant percentage of electrical energy used at the facility, made possible by the large size of the facility. Broadway Stages moves to become energy clean by incorporating more and more solar powered systems!

Science Education For All!


Broadway Stages believes in supporting science education for the advancement of green technology and energy efficiency. These past few years, Broadway Stages has contributed to a series of events that helped spread, educate, and inspire new recruits to join the scientific community.


Earlier this year, Broadway Stages sponsored the Green Science Week at PS110! The annual event centers around the importance of sustainable living and renewable energy resources. The educational lessons and activities sponsored by Broadway Stages teaches the process of solar energy, agriculture, and recycling responsibilities to elementary students. Students at the Greenpoint school learned about subjects including nutrition, chemistry, agriculture, and physics through a collection of mini experiments or activities.

download (1).jpeg

To include high school students, Broadway Stages works with Nysunworks to bring the frontier of science education closer to schools by building Greenhouse Project Labs across the five boroughs and New Jersey. Focusing on providing hands-on STEM learning workshops, Nysunworks wants students to experience the excitement of active participation in scientific experiments that go beyond traditional classroom learning. In addition to teaching students about solar panels, fish farming, compositing, students are taught about hydroponic growing systems, or the modernize adaptation of farming in smaller urbanized environments. At the Greenhouse Project Labs, students are able to participate in planting hydroponic agriculture with the end goal of  harvesting their plants used to create their own nutritious meals.


At Kingsborough Community College, Broadway Stages was able to help sponsor the STEM Lab to allow college students to have the needed equipment and environment to conduct their scientific research. Using the lab, student researchers are able to compete as at the top level of their fields and explore the frontier of scientific theories, concepts, and experiments.


Broadway Stages wants to inspire scientific learning even beyond the boundaries of a classroom by inviting New Yorkers to our Rooftop Farms location. Dedicated to addressing the benefits of urban farming, water conservation, and sustainable principles, Rooftop Farms looks to accomplish urban agricultural sustainability while preserving freshness and quality. Servicing free community programs on Sundays, visitors are welcomed to learn and enjoy the experience of urban farming guided by Rooftop Farm instructors and volunteers!

At Broadway Stages, we believe science education is an important factor in creating a better and brighter future. Join us in sponsoring or dedicating your time to create a brighter future for us all!

Camp Brooklyn Community Service Awards with Broadway Stages

camp brooklyn.jpg

Access to recreational activity and enrichment programs for all children should be a financially free opportunity to help students grow socially and emotionally with fellow peers. To help ensure that Brooklyn children and students are able to attend enrichment programs such as sleep away camps, Broadway Stages has supported the Camp Brooklyn Fund and sponsored the Camp Brooklyn Fund’s Community Service Award.

Working together with the Camp Brooklyn Fund, Broadway Stages has set out on the mission to send Brooklyn students to experience sleep-away camps at no expense to their families. Sleep away camps are designed in mind to transform children’s lives by teaching them the importance of their individuality while socializing, growing, and learning with fellow campers. Guided by excellent instructors, campers enjoy group activities to develop teamwork awhile learning about personal and social responsibilities to become good citizens. In fact, most campers that attend the sleep away camp program, remain friends even after the camp has ended and continue to uphold good citizenship!

To help continue to fund sleep away experiences, Broadway Stages supports these life changing adventures by financially contributing to Camp Brooklyn Fund events and sponsoring outreach interactions!

At this year’s Camp Brooklyn Fund’s Community Service Award Gala, the Brooklyn community came together to recognize supporting members, inspire new found members, and held an auction to generate funds to support upcoming events for Brooklyn campers. Broadway Stages was happy to be able to provide Behind the Scene Tours of Broadway Stages, a gift Certificate, Coach charm bag, Chanel Pareo, Stan Lee autographed photo, Cosmos tickets, Fitbit, and Hello Dolly Broadway Tickets for the auction used to raised funds for Camp Brooklyn. With the contributions, Broadway Stages looks forward to seeing more campers at Camp Brooklyn and receive the opportunity to go to sleep away camps!

Lakeland Scholarship For High School Students!


Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, joins Lakeland in serving high school students of Hamburg, New Jersey. This year, Gina becomes participates as a Lunch Sponsor to the event, contributing financial donations to the fundraising event for student scholarships. At the 44th Annual Scholarship Fund Golf Outing, funds raised will be used to support students attending public and private schools in the Hamburg area. The direct allocation of funds to the local community is a unique distinction in Lakeland’s reinvestment back into the local students of the Hamburg community.

Reinvestment back into local families and student education is ideology and commitment that Gina Argento shares with Lakeland. As a Brooklyn based business, Broadway Stages, under the guidance of Gina Argento, has sponsored schools events and educational workshops for Brooklyn students to further their education. Recently having the opportunity to work with with Kingsborough Community College’ CXM Academy and Scholarship program, it is no surprise that Gina is enthusiastic to support Lakeland’s local goal to help New Jersey students. As a financial contributor to Lakeland’s scholarship fundraiser, Gina wishes Hamburg, NJ students the opportunity they deserve to purse their educational careers in partners with Lakeland.

Brooklyn's Story Voyager: Student Learning On The Go!

story voyag.jpg

Books are the great way for children to learn and explore a wide range of subjects through literacy. Being able to learn the principles of biology or discover the adventure of Jack and the Beanstalks makes books the educational gateways that help lead students to academic achievement and self-discovery. Though originally only limited to confines of the library, the Brooklyn Story Voyager is a library on wheels that brings a reading classroom to where the students live.

For the 5th Annual North Brooklyn Touch-a-Truck fundraiser, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has partnered with the St. Nicks Alliance to replenish the Brooklyn Story Voyager reading inventory with new children’s books for elementary school children. By providing new books for children to read, they will be able to enjoy new educational science and fictional story books to further increase their educational literacy. This will undoubtably lead to more reading and more learning!

Helping provide elementary students with greater access to educational material are part of the commitment that Gina has undertaken to eliminate educational obstacles. Gina has been a supporter of greater access to and greater quality of education for many years working with multiple educational organizations and schools to achieve her goal. Gina will continue to support educational opportunities like the Brooklyn Story Voyager and hopes you can join her in the next educational fundraiser to help students together!

The Film and TV Industry In New York City Is Looking Green


Traditional energy sources come from non-renewable resources such as coal and fossil fuels. Though favored to generate the majority of our electrical energy in past years, these non-renewable resources are known to cause detrimental effects on our environment. Byproducts such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from burning coal and fossil fuels are the leading causes to irreversible environmental concerns, the biggest of which is global warming.

However, in recent years, the transition to more sustainable and green sources of energy have been popularized in favor of the tremendous ecological benefits and positive environmental effects. Of the most popular natural resources is solar energy, which rely only on the power of the sun to generate electricity. In fact, homes everyday across the nation are being converted to solar homes with solar panels installed on its rooftop to sustain residential energy needs.

Likewise, rather than heavily on traditional sources of energy such as coal, Broadway Stages has committed to solar energy since 2010 as a significant energy resource to become Brooklyn’s first soundstage to be powered by solar energy. With over 50,000 square feet of solar panels installed on Kingsland soundstage rooftop, our solar energy output accounts for a 30% of our energy needs. Solar rooftop as large as ours are also helping reduce up to 822,000 lbs of carbon emission in the air which would require over 8000 trees to absorb annually.

In conjunction with our solar commitment, Broadway Stages also participates in New York City’s CoolRoofs Program which encourages businesses to cover rooftops with white reflective paint to reduce energy consumption used to cool buildings. As a result of using two innovative green energy resources, Broadway Stages uses significantly less electrical energy from traditional sources of power than normal sound stages. Instead choosing to be leaders in creating green energy sound stages, Broadway Stages is changing the way green energy is being used in the Film and Tv industry in New York. Changing the way we use energy, Broadway Stages is helping lead the way as one of Brooklyn’s largest full service film production companies that is going green!

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YMCA Camp Spirit Day - Musical and Dance Perfomances

spirrit camp.jpg

Its all about Spirit Day at YMCA!

The YMCA Camp Spirit Day joins young YMCA campers at its annual celebration to showcase spectacular musical and dance talent performed at the end of its summer program. This year’s spirit summer theme was “Myths & Legends” with participants from student-named groups “Trolls”, “Be Our Guests”, “The Rhythm”, and “Zuka Zama.” Each group performance included the key element of group work to teach campers importance of teamwork and helping one another. Anticipation for the event was at an all time high, with audience members filling up the auditorium at PS84 by the start of the show. At the end of each performance, audience members were already applauding, all amazed at the genius of each group performance.

YMCA event like these help provide students with artistic enrichment that is essential to creative development. By promoting creative expressions in the form of dance and music, YMCA allow young campers to enjoy themselves while exploring their artistic talents.

Similarly, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages and Board Member of YMCA Greenpoint, agrees with YMCA that recreational activity and student enrichment programs are crucial positive youth development. As a financial contributor to YMCA and YMCA sponsored events, Gina’s active participation directly helps YMCA outreach programs and summer camps. Not only does it help gain exposure for YMCA programs, but her contributions also help maximize community participation at YMCA by providing families free memberships. Focused on improving recreational activity outreach and participation, Gina Argento dedicates her resources to provide every child access to recreational activities that will benefit their mental, social, and physical growth.

Greener Everyday With Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College (KCC) is helping create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future with this year’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative. The program which challenges students to develop their own sustainable concepts while studying about real world sustainability at KCC’s Urban Farm.

Learning from their five week experience at the KCC Urban Farm, students were able to better understand and explore how their innovative ideas can help impact the way we grow food. By performing hands on activities, KCC students were able to directly test, observe, and explore their unique ideas that help change the way we view food. The summer program helped galvanize projects that involved a combination of recycling, solar power, composting, nutrition, energy conservation, and sanitation from the drawing board to reality. This is already a very promising and exciting step for more students to be involved in STEM research or STEM study to help bring green ideas into our reality!

Gina Argento, Trustee of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, is excited to see Kingsborough students enthusiastic about want to change the way we live by creating solutions to real world environmental issues. Having been a long-time supporter of partners to KCC, working with them to build their STEM lab in addition to the CXM academy, Gina looks forwards to continuing to support KCC and its students in creating a brighter and greener future together. Together with KCC, Broadway Stages cheers KCC students and STEM research for the future!

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SING Your Heart Out!

SING your heart out!

SING is an annual student musical production that showcases collective student talent in the form of a musical production. With turns outs that are easily fill the auditorium in over 23 schools, SING is one of the most popular events in participating high schools, and rightfully so with planning beginning months in advance. The production, which is fully ran by students from creative script writing, unique dance choreography, and song selection, challenges students to work in harmony for a greater cause. More importantly, it is a great a way for students to build long lasting friendships and learn teamwork skills through sharing the desire to create the best SING performance.

Created to spark student school spirit, SING has accomplished itself beyond that capacity with parents and school faculty rallying behind the event with just as much excitement. In fact over 5,480 parents, staff, even graduated high school students, attend the annual SING across 23 high schools to show their support and enthusiasm for the semester rehearsal and practice. The event is also a great opportunity for students to tie up the school year by showcasing their artistic talents to their parents and teachers.

As one of New York’s largest full service film and production companies, Broadway Stages seeks to help and support student education in musical production that develop strong friendships and explore individual creative expressions. Staying true to our commitment to education, Broadway Stages has financially supported this year’s SING by covering over 1/3 of SING’s expenses. Happily assisting in sponsoring production supplies and production consultants from ArtsConnection, Broadway Stages understands that productions require ample financial resources to properly operate and look to help where we can. Supporting 23 schools student-ran musical productions this year, with each student showcasing their individual and collective talents, during SING is a event that Broadway Stages is proud to have helped make happen.

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Staten Island Stages Right Around the Corner!

The former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, located in Staten Island, has been vacant since 2011 with Empire State Development looking for developers to repurpose and revitalize the old facility into an economic center for the Island. 

Since 2013, Broadway Stages has been committed to redeveloping the Arthur Kill facility into an economic center for the Staten Island community. Looking to bring the film and television industry into Staten Island, Broadway Stages wants to share the economic boon and benefits with local Staten Island business owners and residents. It is no secret that film production requires not only hundreds of personnel to produce each episode but also require local services such as food, location, or supplies from local vendors. Just as Broadway Stages sources all of our resources from local Brooklyn based businesses, Staten Island Stages will follow the same commitment towards the local neighborhood businesses. This translates to restaurants getting daily orders, construction material from Staten Island businesses, and businesses being paid using its locations to for filming. The reinvestment back into the Staten Island business will create a cycle of continual economic prosperity between the incoming film industry and business owners. 

When selected to develop the property in 2014, Broadway Stages has invested financial resources into the property to help bring the property up to building code, provide working electric and water utilities, and hired security among other necessary services to develop the property. Even prior to yesterday's closing, Broadway Stages was fully committed to maintaining the property for the past few years. With the closing completed, Staten Island Stages will be able to start construction for 5 new full sound stages, production offices, construction shops, and set dressing spaces. In total, upon the completion of Staten Island Stages, there will be an expected 1,300 new jobs created in the area added to the Staten Island economy with the construction of the facility to employ 350 workers on the project.

Set to open on 2018, Staten Island Stages aims to become the best sound stages location for Staten Island and hopes to bring in major economic benefits to the Staten Island business owners and people. Staten Island Stages Coming Soon!

New York's Superheroes Are Here To Stay!

In a recent announcement by Governor Cuomo, New York State and Marvel Studios has reached an agreement that will extend the upcoming Marvel's original TV show, The Defenders. The show which follows the story of individual superheroes whom join forces to defeat the villainous organization, The Hand, will add an additional 75 episodes to the initial 60 episodes already planned to be filmed in New York City.

Increases in planned episode is not only good news for the film industry and fans but the New York economy as a whole. The incoming new episodes adds to the benefits of New York's state film tax credit for production companies whom operate in New York State. The tax credit has already helped spur $17 billion of economic activity along with helping employ over 1 million jobs since 2011. The explosion of economic activity in the film industry benefits a wide range of neighbor industries from such as the clothing and art industry. In addition, the production activity also impacts small businesses such as local restaurants which help feed hundreds of people that operate a production everyday. The impacts and benefits of the film industry are spread to small and large businesses alike. 

With the tax credit to extend until 2022, New York City is sure to stay a booming film industry and is sure to create booming business for those who service the film industry. The film credit has and will continue to make the New York film industry to be the best in the world.