Catholic Charities


This December 6, Catholic Charities will be holding its 72nd Annual Cardinal's Christmas Luncheon, commemorating 72 years of serving the New York community for the benefit of New Yorkers including women, children, families, immigrants, and homeless. The Christmas Luncheon has been the highlight of Catholic Charities's winter programs to raise critical funds needed for the benefit of hundred of New Yorkers during the winter season. A portion of the funds will be used to feeding the hungry and shelter homeless during the following cold months. Providing a warm meal and a warm place to stay from the cold, which is critical to many New Yorkers during these months. In addition, funds raised will also be used to  support youth in need of physical, emotional, and psychological needs and services; strengthen family crisis through counseling and assist in cultivating individual plans for long term solutions; and welcome, reunite, and assist in citizenship and work authorization for immigrants. 

Among the board members excited for the Christmas Luncheon is Gina Argento, President of Brooklyn's Broadway Stages. Gina, who has long supported Catholic Charities, contributing to various year round events, believes that the Christmas luncheon is an important opportunity for community members  to support each other. Whether it is to provide meals, shelter, counseling, or legal assistance, she holds firm that New York is a community where neighbors help neighbors. As a supporting community member, she encourages everyone to help wherever and whenever they can with a unified goal of improving and reinvestment back into our communities! 

Halloween at Moore Street Market!


Halloween spirit ignited the atmosphere at Moore Street Market, home to one of Brooklyn's oldest indoor markets. Celebrating the annual October night of scare, Moore Street Market hosted an evening filled with community fun welcoming all residents, families, and visitors.

Anticipating the popularity of the night, Broadway Stages wanted Moore Street Market to be prepared for the hundreds of visitors that were to expected and to be throughly entertained. To ensure that the event was a total success, Broadway Stages contributed donations to make possible the scary decorations, halloween colored candy, and other necessary equipment. The evening that followed only filled with cheers, screams, and laughter from familiar members of the Brooklyn community. Visitors adventured through the market from vendor to vendor enjoying activities while displaying their costumes, which ranging from classical halloween characters to TV inspired costumes, in exchange for candy. 


The success of event even caught the attention of Antonio Reynoso, Council Member of the 34th District, citing that Broadway Stages' contribution and collaboration was imperative to the benefit of the event. Broadway Stages would like to thank Council Member Antonio Reynoso for his support and words of encouragement.  Broadway Stages wanted to make Halloween a fun and entertaining night for Brooklynites and are happy that were able to accomplish that at Moore Street Market. We also want to thank the Brooklyn community for coming out to the Moore Street Market Halloween event and hoped you all are ready for next year's Halloween!

Huffington Posts Talks With New York's TV and Film Top Business Woman, CEO Gina Argento


Yitzi Weiner from the Huffington Post sat down with Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, to learn about one of New York's top business woman in the TV and Film industry in New York City. 

Giving a backstory to Broadway Stages, Gina Argento explains that the family run business was started by her brother, Tony Argento, who wanted to break into the exclusive industry. Working since 10 years old by shadowing her brother, Gina continuously learned about the film industry along with affiliating industries such as real estate and upon graduation from St.John she became committed full-time. Since taking over the growing business, Gina has established Broadway Stages the world's first solar powered sound, created the nation's first commercial green roof farm under an affiliate company, created Greenpoint's now iconic Kingsland Wildflower garden space and expanded the business into over 45 sound stages. 

download (3).jpeg

Among other achievements, Gina Argento was excited to share the collection of amazing organizations that she has worked with including the Audubon Society, Kingsborough Community College, Catholic Chairties, and the Staten Island Zoo just to name a few. Gina explains that her success in the film industry should be reinvested back into the local community whether the causes are for increasing educational access or resources, communal adhesion and identity, environmental stewardship, or helping local businesses. By helping reach more people and positively impact them, Gina believes we can build a stronger and more meaningful community of families! 

For the full interview, please click here!

Environmental Education with North Brooklyn Boat Club!


Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.

The childhood song was exactly what 100 fourth grader students had the opportunity to do down the Newtown Creek advised by staff from the North Brooklyn Boat Club (NBBC). The boat ride lead by NBBC at Broadway Stages' Boatyard is part of an educational program designed to teach students about the history of the river and how to keep the ecology of the river clean for the future.


The local river, which was once a high density highway for transportation between New Jersey and New York and a common destination for dumping waste decades ago, eventually becoming a Superfund site marked for environmental cleanup. However since then, in part thanks to the Newtown Creek wastewater treatment facility along with increasing awareness and government intervention, the river has considerably become cleaner and safer. Though a significant improvement of the water quality to the years prior, there needs to be a continuous need to educate and communal effort from reverting back to how it was before. 

As a Brooklyn business, Broadway Stages believes that it is part of our duty to the Brooklyn community to increase awareness about the environmental importance of the iconic river. Believing it is important for future generations to appreciate and preserve the natural ecology of our shared creek, Broadway Stages wishes to improve the Newtown Creek for all Brooklynites to enjoy and works to achieve that dream by setting up educational programs with NBBC. By working with NBBC, Broadway Stages invites has invited many Brooklynites, with a focus on students, to come to the Broadway Stages Boatyard to learn about the ecology of the Newtown Creek.


A key element that lead the popularity of and success of the partnership program between NBBC and Broadway Stages, is the use of fun but educational teaching methods. Allowing students to throughly enjoy the river, they are taken on 12-man boat trips down the river to experience first hand the amazing ecology of the river to inspire them to preserve the its current state and work to improve it even more in the future. Broadway Stages and NBBC hope to restore the Newtown Creek to its natural beauty completely and can only do it with the help of Brooklynites of the next generation. Lets Keep Brooklyn clean and eco friendly!

Kingsborough Community College 13th Annual Homecoming!


Back to the Beach! Kingsborough Community College (KCC) celebrates its annual homecoming themed event for its 13th year. Welcoming over 800 alumni and guest to back to the halls where many had once attended for their undergraduate academic careers, and where many shared unforgettable memories. Homecoming allows many to revisit their past professors and see old classmates, and above all else enjoy an evening of fun with fellow KCC students, alumni, staff, and family.


Expanding throughout the atrium all the way to the garden outside, the venue was not short of laughter, smilies, fun, and uncontainable excitement. Filled with rows upon rows of fun booths, KCC was not shorted in the entertainment department either. A range of various music, dance, games, and pumpkin patch booths aligned themselves endlessly around the perimeter of the atrium and open garden space. Of course, attendee appropriately dressed up in Halloween fashion adding to the fun and exciting atmosphere of the amazing event!


Kingsborough trustee Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, greatly supports the annual Homecoming event, citing that the event is important to cultivate school spirit, in addition to being a great opportunity for families in the community to come together for a day of fun. To help make the event happen, donations made by Gina were directly used helped to purchase food, drinks, gifts, and decor. Adding to the KCC spirit that day, Gina was excited to see so many attendee this year, many with their families, to celebrate the incredible success they had as students of KCC  and their continued success as now  alumni. Whether an alumni or current students, Gina believes KCC is a important educational institution that has given many the resources to produce incredible futures and will continue to change many more lives! 


Futures in Education Scholarship Fund Night!

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 5.20.35 PM.png

The mission of Futures in Education is to help ensure that students in Brooklyn and Queens can continue to receive quality Catholic educations without financial burdens. Through its Angel's program, Futures in Education connects independent contributors with students to alleviate cost related to tuition and educational resources. Angels allow students the opportunity of quality education without financial burden with Angels supporting families across Queens and Brooklyn.

To recognize individuals that have gone above and beyond to that commitment, Futures in Education holds an annual Scholarship Fund Dinner. The dinner celebrates and recognizes outstanding individuals whom dedicate incredible effort and have shown support for Futures in Education's mission to provide quality education. 


Among the recognized supporters is Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages. As a long time committed supporter to Futures in Education, Gina Argento believes access to education should not be withheld from New York City students because of financial obstacles. Instead, Gina hopes her participation as an annual sponsorship to the fundraiser, in addition to being an Angel to various students, will help inspire fellow peers to join her to provide free education to New York families and students. Gina wishes you can join her today and make a different in student education!

Neighbors Allied for Good Growth in Brooklyn!


Broadway Stages is excited to see our fellow Brooklynites, NAG, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, and the GWAPP, Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks and Planning, partner together to establish an even greater civic presence in North Brooklyn. Having already achieved accomplishments such as shutting down a illegal garbage transfer station and increasing land used for the soon to be completed Bushwick Inlet Park, NAG has now enjoys the helps of GWAPP to accomplish even more for Brooklynites. Bringing aboard GWAPP members, whom share the same civic duty to empower local residents and to help define public spaces and with the increase quality of life in Brooklyn, the advocacy for a environmentally clean, safe, and resident focused Greenpoint community is now stronger than ever! 

Celebrating the amazing merger between two amazing civic organizations, NAG announced the upcoming partnership at its 7th annual gala and fundraiser to fellow sponsors and supporters. Among enthusiastic sponsors and supporters were Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, and Tony Argento, Founder of Broadway Stages. Delighted to learn about the approaching union between the two community based organizations, Gina and Tony Argento, were incredibly excited to be on board as "Friends" sponsors to NAG's and GWAPP's missions. Gina and Tony strongly believe in creating a safer and cleaner North Brooklyn seeing reinvestment in environmental stewardship as one of Broadway Stages' core values. Gina, Tony, and along with the rest of the family at Broadway Stages look forward to NAG and GWAPP accomplish a shared vision of an environmental conscious future for North Brooklyn.


Spooktacular at the Staten Island Zoo!


Get Scary! Get Spooktacular!

The annual Staten Island Halloween inspired event took over the weekend of October 13, at the Staten Island Zoo. The local event is a hotspot for Staten Island families during Halloween season for family fun, even attracting families from other boroughs as it grows in popularity each passing year. Year round zoo attractions including exhibits such as "The Africa and Tropical Forest Wings", "The Otter Tunnel", and "The Kid's Korral" were instead transformed into designated trick and treat zones, performance spaces, and halloween themed attractions. 


The most infamous attractions at Spooktacular never fail to be Halloween Town, Monster Alley, and Candy Land appropriately decorated with life like bats, spider webs, and skulls! Not to mention the tremendous number of volunteers whom dressed up as Halloween classics featuring ghost, zombies, and skeletons whom helped bring out the Halloween spirit! The two night long event easily scares over a thousand visitors walking away treats, prizes, and crafts in exchange for their scared faces. Spooktacular was no surprise an incredible success at keeping all visitors wanting more of the scary fun as the weekend long event came to an end. 

This year, Broadway Stages was excited to be part of Spooktacular as a sponsor to help bring together the family experience. We would like to thank the incredible combined efforts of fellow sponsors and volunteers in helping creating the best Spooktacular fun for Staten Island families! We look forward to helping make next year's Spooktacular to be even more spooky and spectacular!

Nysunworks Project Farm House


Celebrating and inviting fellow sponsors and supports, Nysunworks unrevealed its new Project Farm House location yesterday. Among the attendees were the Broadway Stages family, whom all came to show their support and learn from individual students on how hydroponic education has changed their their learning experience. Broadway Stages were happy to learn from students that they were able to design their own scientific experiments involving hydroponic systems and test their hypothesis! Seeing the excitement of the students in presenting their findings in their experiments inspired the Broadway Stages family to do even more for New York City students. 

Already strongly believing in access to science education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, couldn't help finding herself enthusiastic about Nysunworks's incredible dedication to introduce an innovative and interactive style of education to students. In fact, Gina along with the Broadway Stages family did not hesitate to sponsor and donate to Nysunworks's Greenhouse Project and Youth conference when first partnering with Nysunworks. After all, Gina and Nysunworks both share the same goal of providing access to innovative and quality educational resources to students without any additional costs. However, being able to see the fruition of her dedication and commitments to Nysunworks yesterday night was truly a treat that only further strengthens her commitment to student education. We hope to see Nysunworks continue to do great things and will always be supporting them as your family at Broadway Stages!

Lakeland Scholarships Sets a Record High!


Lakeland celebrates their annual Scholarships fundraiser to provide high school students in New Jersey the opportunity to receive college scholarships on behalf of its supporters. This year the golf outing event was able to raise a record breaking $165,000 for students in the local New Jersey area. The funds will be able sponsored at 73 high schools and 5 colleges to maximize local communal impact and increase student outreach! 

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, was excited to hear the announcement that this year's efforts have reached an all time record! Having supported previously supported Lakeland's fundraising and scholarship events, Gina is happy to see that more people and more contributions are being dedicated to help high school students offset college tuition costs. As a sponsor to the scholarship fundraising event, Gina hopes that this year's record high will only help inspire more individuals to attend Lakeland's next fundraising event so that we are able to support more students every year! Join the effort today and help increase scholarships funds with Gina and Lakeland for students!

Touch-A-Truck Is Back With More Books!

story voyag.jpg

The annual Touch-a-Truck event is back! This past Saturday, the iconic bus was stationed on Leonard Street to raise funds from local supporters that would be reinvested in helping purchase books for children. Tickets admissions gave participants access to fun games, food, and art activities. The whole event was a success with over 250 tickets sold and with even more smilies on children's faces!

Funds raised from the Touch-a-Truck event would be used to offset operating cost and most importantly be used to purchase new reading material for school children! Most excited for the event was Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, who has supported Brooklyn Story Voyager's Truck a Truck in the past and sponsored this year's event. With over 250 tickets sold and including Gina's own donation, Brooklyn Story Voyager will be able to purchase hundreds of new books for students to read and give free to students. Being able to supply hundreds of children with reading material is an amazing communal feat accomplished by the members of the Brooklyn community together!

Broadway Stages and Gina Argento would like to thank our fellow Brooklynites in coming to the Touch a Truck event and supporting New York students by contributing to funds used to purchase educational books!