AM New York visits our Rooftop Farm

Urban Farming has grown in popularity over the last decade with new farms sprouting every few months in New York City. The entire niche industry is now more seeing more  growth than ever before with new city regulations that allow expanded farm sizes and investor interest in the scaling the urban farms into larger businesses. The spur of the urban rooftop farming movement was put forth by early pioneers that saw potential in building healthy and delicious farming alternatives right in the heart of New York.

At the forefront of urban rooftop farming was Broadway Stages' Eagle Street Rooftop Farms located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn which started in 2009 with help from expert farmer Annie Novak. Almost a decade old, the Rooftop Farms is considered to be NYC's iconic farming destination, ranking 1st in EcoWatch's list of NYC's urban farming projects.

Local newspaper AMNY stopped by this week to showcase to New Yorkers the positive benefits of Broadway Stages and Annie Novak partnership in helping grow a niche community that is focused on providing fresh quality foods right in our own city.

"Now theres a positive shift from the community who wants to see these spaces" says Annie. Annie reminds everyone that the produce grown at Rooftop Farms, which range from kale, spinach, to other vegetables are the sources of quality ingredients served at local restaurants including Anella’sSpritzenhaus and Marlow & Sons.

While serving restaurants in the Brooklyn area, Rooftop Farms also makes sure to include local residents to share the experience of urban farming. Rooftop Farms invites local Brooklynites to come and visit the rooftop on Sundays, participating as an urban farmers or a locals who are looking to purchase fresh ingredients. The farm also hosts educational workshops for students to learn about the positive environmental benefits of urban farming and gives a demonstration how the farm grows its vegetables. Rooftop Farm is perfect for New Yorkers who want to learn about urban farming and eat fresh. Come visit us soon!

A Look Into The Kingsland Wildflowers Project During The Brooklyn Reveal

The Kingsland Wildflowers Rooftop Wildflower Project sponsored by Broadway Stages seeks to pioneer new opportunities to preserve native wildlife and flowers species in New York City urban spaces.

The Wildflowers project utilizes Broadway Stages’ warehouse infrastructure to support up to 22,000 square feet of soil and compost used for growing plants. The abundance of plants will act as natural habit spaces for wildlife such as birds and insects. The endeavor to sustain and preserve wildlife species and nature are part Broadway Stages‘ commitment to environmental stewardship.

Since the project began in 2015, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has committed financial resources to construct the foundation of the garden and dozens of workers to plant thousands of flowers.

Almost 2 years later, Broadway Stages occasionally grants members of the community a “sneak peek” into the progress of the project. During our “Brooklyn Reveal” events, Broadway Stages offers attendees the opportunity to walk about the rooftop garden and learn about the progress of the Kingsland Wildflower Project.

The rooftop space once completed will also function as a public space open to residences and neighbors to enjoy recreational activity. The rooftop offers a plethora of flowers ranging from bright Tickseeds to violet Aster flowers. Visitors can walk about a stone path carved through the garden of flowers that emulates a walk through a flower field. Though not yet fully completed, Broadway Stages wants to assure you the project is soon to be completed! So make sure to look out for the full completion of the Kingsland Wildflowers Project soon!

A Lost To The Greenpoint Community- The Park Deli Set To Close

Park Delicatessen, the haven for Polish comfort food is known amongst the Greenpoint community as the “go to” location for delicious Polish cuisine. The family owned restaurant, known simply as Park Deli to locals, has been around for nearly a decade serving traditional Polish cuisine to thousands hungry Brooklynites all year long. Unfortunately, Krystna Godawa, owner of Park Deli, has recently announced the closing of its doors on August 1 due to a two-fold increase in rent.

The beloved food heaven was a popular and daily destination for lunch and dinner for the Broadway StagesFamily. Among the members of the theatrical union at working at Broadway Stages, Richie Vetere, notes that, “there’s going to be a lot of disappointed Teamsters.” Vetere says around 75 workers working at Broadway Stages rely on the Park Deli to satisfy their craving for chicken cutlet, Swedish meatballs, sauerkraut, and crispy pierogi. In addition to workers from Broadway Stages, Park Deli is also a favorite eatery for production workers, whom use Broadway Stages’ sound stages to film hit shows such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Blue Bloods. The popular spot is also a loved breakfast, lunch, and dinner destination from dozens of local 94th Precinct policemen and policewomen looking to satisfy a long day’s work with hot delicious foods.

Broadway Stages is sad to see that our fellow Greenpoint business and beloved Polish restaurant will soon be no longer open. Broadway Stages has always supported local restaurants such as Park Deli to benefit local businesses as part of our Brooklyn commitment. Broadway Stages always looks to buy local because we believe in supporting helping our neighbors. We advise to visit the Park Deli located at 209 Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn while you still can to show as much support as possible until August 1. Don’t miss the chance to try one of the most amazing home-cooked Polish in Brooklyn!

5K Run on July 15th for YMCA!

The Brooklyn Cyclone Baseball team sponsors an annual 5K run to raise funding for a select cause or institution that will benefit the New York public. This year the fund raising event will donate all proceeds to the YMCA of Greater New York.

Participants are able to choose their local YMCA branch or any participating YMCA branch as recipients of their proceeds. Runners will start from Surf Avenue at 9 A.M on July 15th and run a 5 mile course finishing at the MCU Park’s home plate. In addition, benefactors of the event will receive enjoy free food and beverages to refuel post-run and also receive tickets eligible to view the Brooklyn Cyclones for up to 3 games. The cost of the signing up, which will be proceeds to benefit YMCA, starts at $40-$60 depending on when you sign up.

As a previous benefactor to the YMCA at Greenpoint, YMCA Strong Kids’ Campaign, and a recipient of the YMCA Volunteer Award, President Gina Argento has been an avid financial supporter of YMCA events with this July’s 5K run being no exception. Having supported various YMCA initiatives and campaigns in the past, Gina believes the 5K run will be also be a great platform to help increase awareness for youth development programs while raising the necessary funds to continue YMCA operations.

Following Gina’s footsteps at the Flushing YMCA branch from Broadway Stages is Anthony Fong, General Consul of Broadway Stages and Board Member of Flushing YMCA. Anthony has been active member since joining the board in 2017, having already taken leadership initiative by financially supporting the Flushing YMCA to reach its campaign goals for the 5K race.

Broadway Stages‘ Gina Argento and Anthony Fong encourage you to join YMCA for day of funding and fun at the 5K run event. What are you waiting for make sure to sign up for the the 5K Run on July 15 and show your support for YMCA!

Broadway Stages Support North Brooklyn Businesses

Broadway Stages has stayed true to our North Brooklyn and East Williamsburg neighbors and businesses by always trying to purchase materials and source services from Brooklyn vendors. Believing that Brooklynites are part the Broadway Stages family Broadway Stages is an active and participatory member of Evergreen with the goal to support Brooklyn businesses in need of business advising.

Evergreen manages the Industrial Business Zones and Empire Zones of North Brooklyn by providing business with reliable and quality assistance in tax credits, financing, energy, workforce and real estate. Responsible for assistance in business service needs of over 10,000 business in the Industrial Business and Ombudsman Zones, Evergreen is committed to growing a variety of different Brooklyn businesses. With the identical missions to make businesses competitive and successful, Broadway Stages works together with Evergreen to combine our resources for greater positive impact.

Committed to positively impacting business owners, Broadway Stages works with Evergreen by providing Evergreen with funds required to sustain business advising service and assistance programs. Looking to grow the number of successful businesses, Broadway Stages believes our active participation as a Evergreen member will help thousands of more business to receive essential business resources and services that has shown to help businesses succeed.

As an active member of Evergreen, Broadway Stages recently sponsored the Annual Celebration which allows us to directly impact Brooklyn businesses by increasing funding to high-quality business services, business advising, and business networking opportunities. Together with Evergreen and other fellow Evergreen members, we can build a stronger  Brooklyn business economy!

Gina Argento leads the Ridgewood YMCA with the Community Leader Award

YMCA is community center that encourages children to achieve their best through physical and mental activities. Designed to emphasize friendship, social responsibilities, and healthy living, YMCA plays a positive role in shaping youth behavior and attitudes to inspire positive growth and development. YMCA staff teach  important the qualities of altruism and benevolence in its young members to mold youths in becoming a role model citizen and lead a more fulfilling life.

Deeply believing in the importance of youth education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, actively participates as Board Members across various YMCA organizations spanning between Queens and Brooklyn. She has dedicated countless hours and financial resources to ensure that New York City youths are provided with youth development programs at YMCA, which are shown to have significant impact on a child’s mental and social growth. Committed to ensuring the quality youth can continue to help instill positive characteristics in the next generation, Gina sponsors and contributes to YMCA to provide the necessary financial resources required for program operations.

Recognized for her continual support and youth commitment at the Queens Community Ridgewood YMCA, Gina Argento has been selected to receive the Ridgewood YMCA’s Community Leader Award. Given to the most impactful participating member, the Community Leader Award celebrates the tremendous efforts of and dedication of YMCA’s most accomplished member in changing the lives family and youth. With past recipients of the award ranging from Senators such as Joseph Addabbo and New York Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, Gina Argento joins her fellow peers in creating a better future for New York City youths. Gina plans to continue to support youth program and only looks to expand her positive influence to New York youths!

Broadway Stages' Rooftop Farms Featured On PX11 with President Gina Argento and Growing Chefs' Annie Novak

Broadway Stages Rooftop Farm, established in 2008, continues to be an active member in the green movement and helps New Yorkers eat right with high quality fresh ingredients. Recognized as one of New York City's and Brooklyn's first urban rooftop farms, Rooftop Farms has been the world renowned driving force in Brooklyn's healthy eating movement and has played a pivotal in encouraging green landscapes for the benefit of Brooklynites.

Sponsored by Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, Rooftop Farms was created to become a communal space for Greenpoint and Brooklyn residents to enjoy and learn the benefits of growing vegetables in a modern city environment. Gina Argento and Broadway Stages has dedicated nearly a decade of financial support for Rooftop operations to allow Brooklyn locals the opportunity to source fresh vegetables and quality ingredients right in their backyards.


In partnership with Gina and Broadway Stages, Annie Novak, founder of Growing Chefs, closely maintains the operations of Eagle Street farm along with dedicated interns and volunteers.  Annie has been an invaluable member to New York's growing farming scene and shares a vision with Broadway Stages to change the way Brooklynites eat food.

Broadway Stages' Eagle Street Rooftop Farm has recently been featured on New York's PX11 local news channel in a segment detailing the growing popularity in urban farming among city farmers and enthusiast. Given a tour guided by Annie Novak and Broadway Stages Gina Argento, PX11 was given the full scope behind the partnership that established Rooftop Farms almost 10 years ago.  Looking to bring quality foods to New Yorkers in a convenient growing space that provided an unparalleled level of transparency in the farming industry, Annie and Gina wanted to set an example and set the standard of the changing food industry in New York. Naturally, Rooftop Farms and Annie Novak have always been at the forefront of advocating for clean and naturally grown foods to replace chemically altered foods founds in most supermarkets. Instead, Annie and Gina encourage New Yorkers to opt for a greener and healthier solution such as Rooftop Farms.

Astoria Perfomring Arts Center and Broadway Stages together to bring theatre to Astoria!

Astoria Performing Arts Center (APAC) has won over 40 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations and an Off-Offf Broadway Theatre Review Award. Striving to produce industry quality programs, APAC is a community based theatre organization with the founding mission to be an center of dramatic and musical enrichment for Astoria citizens. With performances that range from cultural performance to classical revivals, APAC reflects the diverse cultures and peoples of Astoria through its various theatrical showcases. 

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento firmly believes that Astoria locals should presented with enrichment opportunities that can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups and peoples. Recognizing the immense popularity with theatrical performance in Astoria, Gina has partnered up with APAC to deliver incredible musical and dramatic plays to local audiences at no extra charge through her financial contributions. Contributions made by Gina are also used to help organize annual summer camps for student education provided by APAC to educate student in play writing.

By sponsoring APAC events Gina hopes to increase community interest in theatre as well as provide New Yorkers the ability to attend world class theatrical performances with out any financial barriers. Her financial support for APAC has helped support actors and actresses, maintenance, and general operations costs which allows for free attendance by community members. Her continued contributions only seek to benefit the community as a whole by presenting Astoria residents with sponsored APAC events that they can attend free of admissions.

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Featured as one of Fortune's Leadership Insiders, Gina Argento Gives College Graduates Her Advice On Entering The Workforce

Fortune’s Question of the Day aims to answer public concerns or questions in the business world regarding entrepreneurship, economy, and finance, amongst other topics with the help of business professionals and industry experts.

To help recent college graduates in gaining an edge in the job market, Gina Argento, comments on Fortunes Question of the Day,
What advice do you have for college graduates entering the workforce?”



  1. Don’t make generic Cover Letters!
    “The ones that stand out say more than just, "I have experience with film." That is already expected when applying to a film production company.” To make the cut, you need to personalize you cover letter and express why you will be the ideal candidate for the position you are going to fill. Think about how your strengths will be applied to that position.
  2. Get Excited!
    The more you are excited for the position, the more excited your interviewer will be. Show that you are excited to learn about and willing to grow into and beyond your new position. “At Broadway Stages, I look for my staff to become experts in their field, whether it’s in filming equipment, woodworking, lighting, or another area. Their expertise isn’t expected on day one, but when we hire, we look for those who have potential to grow and become leaders of their team.” Learning is part of the process when first entering the workforce but showing that you will go beyond your daily assignments speaks key.

Go out there and make your way to the top of the interview list and land that job!

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Broadway Stages Makes The Effort To Stay Brooklyn Local!

Broadway Stages has always operated with the commitment to reinvestment back into Brooklyn communities to share our success with local community members and businesses. By going local, Broadway Stages is able to help positively impact local economies and allow Brooklyn businesses to prosper as we have. It only makes sense to give back to those that have helped you!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento encourages neighborhood Brooklynites to stay Brooklyn local too! Operating in Brooklyn for over 30 years, Broadway Stages has always actively sourced construction material, food, and services from the Greenpoint neighborhood. Broadway Stages sources daily coffee from Cafe Grumpy, lunch from Greenpoint restaurants, and sound stage construction material from native Brooklyn craftsmen, ranging from wood work to metal work.


In addition, Broadway Stages have been long time supporter of educational and community programs for the benefit of Brooklynites. Iconic venues such as Rooftop Farms, Brooklyn's first urban farm, or Kingsland Wildflowers, Greenpoint's wildlife and plant community space, were both supported and constructed by Broadway Stages for purpose of community enrichment. Broadway Stages wants the Greenpoint community to know that we appreciate your continued support and will continue to reinvest our success back into the Brooklyn community!

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Broadway Stages Congratulates NYWIFT and Designing Women Honorees 2017 with Amy Schumer, David Costabile, Rosario Dawson, and Variety Magazine !

Broadway Stages would love to give a big shout out to the lovely presenters Rosario Dawson, Krysten Ritter, David Costabile, Carmen Ejogo, and Amy Schumer and a big round of applause to Designing Women Honorees Sarit Klein, Pamela May, Stephanie Maslansky, and the rest of the Jessica Jones Team for their incredible work and exceptional quality of work! Congratulations honorees on a well deserved award and long overdue recognition for your individual commitments and sacrifices to make Jessica Jones happen. Broadway Stages is thankful for your continued dedication and your revolutionary contributions to the TV and Film industry.

Amy Schumer at NYWIFT Designing Woman Ceremony

Amy Schumer at NYWIFT Designing Woman Ceremony

Broadway Stages General Counsel Anthony K.C. Fong Esq. with Rosario Dawson RECEIVER of the vareity emsemble award

Broadway Stages General Counsel Anthony K.C. Fong Esq. with Rosario Dawson RECEIVER of the vareity emsemble award

The night was truly a one of a kind experience to come together and celebrate the achievements of outstanding woman in the film and television industry. The many hours of unnoticed intensive work going into the minute details in a on-screen character's hair, makeup, and clothes all need to be recognized. The personality of a on-screen character is as much dependent on these small details as it is dependent on the actor or actress playing them. Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones, agrees that it is the tremendous efforts by Designing Women Honorees that truly breathe life into the characters on the big screen.

NYWIFT Executive Director Terry Lawler with Rosario Dawson

NYWIFT Executive Director Terry Lawler with Rosario Dawson

Broadway Stages Guest and Friend Bronx Supreme court hon. marc whiten andactor david costabile

Broadway Stages Guest and Friend Bronx Supreme court hon. marc whiten andactor david costabile

The ceremony followed with rounds of laughter and a night full of dance with NYWIFT members sharing their incredible energy with attendees. Conversations shared between members and attendee centered around the amazing works of the Jessica Jones team and the impressive teamwork that goes into a production like Jessica Jones. To tie off the night, the Jessica Jones team shared plenty of funny and embarrassing stories that happen behind the scenes that brought laughter to the whole crowd!

Once again, Broadway Stages would like to thank NYWIFT for sharing this incredible night with Broadway Stages and we hope to be back again soon!

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Park Stewardship with Broadway Stages and Open Space Alliance!

Gina Argento, President of North Brooklyn’s Broadway Stages and green activist, celebrates with fellow North Brooklynites at the Amazon Studio to recognize the communal effort to help secure parks for the residents of Greenpoint and Willamsburg.

Partnering with Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn(OSA), Gina Argento, on behalf of Broadway Stages, has committed financial resources for the use of park enhancing services and park expanding programs as part of her duty as a Park Steward. As a Park Steward Sponsor, Gina Argento pledges her continued support OSA to make Brooklyn parks safe, clean, and green for community members.

Gina’s contributions to OSA has only helped contribute to OSA’s mission to provide park services to all Brooklyn parks within the Community District 1 area. Committed to improving park conditions and raising awareness for the need to maintain public spaces, OSA relies on community funding and support like those that from Broadway Stages to effectively operate and perform its services. Gina Argento, a known supporter of local Brooklyn businesses and community programs, agrees that Brooklynites should support one another. Broadway Stages is proud to help provide our community with clean, safe, and open parks for Brooklyn.

Broadway Stages’s Gina Argento encourages you to join her and OSA in securing Brooklyn spaces and parks for Brooklynites to use to enjoy recreational activities. Help support a community mission to maintain current and create new parks! #Brooklyn

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