Christmas in Williamsburg!


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

This Saturday December 16, joins Broadway Stages at the Cooper Park Houses and Brooklyn Steel at 12pm to celebrate Christmas! Among the attendees are Tommy Torres from the 34th District and Martin Dilan of the NY State Senate. The event is open to all New Yorker with first 50 children to arrive at celebration will be receive gifts personally from Santa! 

Bring your family, neighbors, and friends to share an exciting and fun Christmas event! Share a beautiful moment with your Brooklynites and capture the cheer of the Winter Holidays!

Long Island Girl Talk's Fifth Annual Holiday Benefit Party!


Long Island Girl Talk (LIGT) is an enrichment program designed for teen girls to dive deep into creating their own media content. Providing onsite training in all aspects of film and television production, LIGT assists teens in develop their own unique style and independence in media creations. Moreover, LIGT staff train girls to develop long standing relationships with one another beyond the scope of operating camera gear or editing software. The goal of the program is to enrich teen lives emotionally and social in addition to their future careers in media. 

As a woman in New York's Film and Television industry herself, Broadway Stages President Gina Argento is inspired by the mission that LIGT wants to achieve. Nationally, as one of the few woman CEO in the Film and Television industry, Gina appreciates the to goal train young girls in media but even more so the suggestion for the girls to support each other.

LIGT dedication to girls pursuing media has inspired Gina to become a supporter and sponsor to its Fifth Annual Holiday Benefit Party. The event set on December 16 at the Nassau Community College opens the public for donations to supply the girls with new equipment and program activities. Contributions made by Gina Argento and Broadway Stages will be used by LIGT to directly improve learning resources able to the students leading to even greater success in media. Above all, Gina is excited to see young aspiring woman joining the media industry and can not wait for the future of Film and Tv in New York City!

Ice Cream You Scream!

free cones.jpg

Who doesn't loves Ice cream?

One thing is for sure, the residents in the Cooper Park Community did not stop eating delicious ice cream cones until over 300 cones were served. The huge turnout for the ice cream donation event lead by Broadway Stages spread throughout the community with line full of families, children, and neighborhood residents all waiting in line to grab a cone. Seeing members of the community enjoy a day out together sharing a joyous experience was an incredible moment for Broadway Stages staff to observe. It is when simple acts and gestures such as serving our local Brooklynites ice cream and in return seeing their smilies and a moment of community bonding that benefits the community as a whole.

The Ice cream truck donation was part of Broadway Stages President Gina Argento continued gestures to bring give back to the community whenever possible. Always looking to give back to the community, whether it be scholarships, donations, or ice cream this time, Gina only bring  positive impacts on the Brooklyn community and to all its members!

Broadway Stages Toy Drive at Kingsland Ave!



In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, Brooklyn's largest studio is preparing for another year of supporting the children in our Brooklyn community! This December 16th, Broadway Stages, in partners with the 94th Precinct, is organizing a Toy Drive to collectively donate to Brooklyn families. At Broadway Stages, the annual donation drive requires the dedication of dozens of employees to collect and distribute over a hundred toys. Purchasing dolls, actions figures, cars, and legos, the staff at Broadway Stages and the officers at the 94th Precinct encourage each other to contribute to the drive for the benefit of our fellow neighbors. The Toy Drive is open to all Brooklynites to participate in with the "more the merrier!" Whether you want to donate to the cause or come celebrate with your family, Broadway Stages welcomes you from 12pm to 3pm next Saturday! Make sure to stop by, we would love to celebrate the night with our  Greenpoint family!


Catholic Foundations For Brooklyn and Queens!


Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports the 2017 Annual Bishop's Christmas Luncheon for the benefit of student education at Catholic schools. On behalf of Broadway Stages, Gina participated at the lunch fundraiser as a Sleigh Bells Sponsor to the event. The funds raised by her and fellow colleges directly support student scholarships funded through the Bishop's Scholarship Program. The programs benefits New York families by providing them the opportunity to send their children to Catholic school without worry of financial obligations or heavily supported financial aid. The Bishop's Scholarship Program is invaluable by providing families with peace of mind and access to financial resources to take command of their children's educational career. 

Familiar with the positive impact of scholarships, Gina believes aiding local Catholic families through scholarships are important and essential in reducing financial burdens while allow students to receive the best possible Catholic education. In fact, Gina participates in various other scholarship programs including those affiliated with Futures in Education and Saint Ignatius School to help aid high school and middle school students. Striving to provide even more, Gina was inspired to create a Broadway Stages Scholarship with Kingsborough Community College that supports undergraduate media students in pursing a future in film!




CAMBA 2020 Vision for New Yorkers!


CAMBA services more than 45,000 New Yorkers a year facing housing instability, health advisory, language barriers, community safety, and job placement. Access to help programs are available from 80 service locations spread throughout the five boroughs providing full engagement with the whole New York City community. Taking a comprehensive approach of community support programs and adding to it the foundation for inclusive communities where fellow neighbors can also support each other.

Learning about the dedicated team behind CAMPA's mission, Broadway Stages wanted to reach out and support their 2020 Vision programs. As a supporter of CAMBA's 2020 Vision initiative, Broadway Stages is excited be able to help over 1,000 youths graduate high school and transition into college, prevent over 15,000 from being homeless, and sustain over 2,500 affordable housing units! Broadway Stages hopes our contributions can help lend a helping hand for students, individuals, and families living in New York City. After all, New Yorkers are one big family and Broadway Stages is always looking to help out our big family of New Yorkers!

Bushwick Winter Celebration at Irving Park


Celebrate the winter holidays at the Bushwick's Irving Square Park on behalf of Broadway Stages!

The annual winter celebration at Irving Square Park, sponsored by Broadway Stages, welcomes fellow Brooklynites to share the annual lightening of the Christmas Tree. The evening will be filled with performances from local groups in dance and song, while refreshments will be served to incoming visitors. The lightening ceremony welcomes families, friends, and neighbors for a wonderful night of festive atmosphere in antcipation of Christmas Day! Swing by Irving Park today to experience a Christmas wonderland as snow descends upon the park! 

Tree Lighting at Atlas Park

unnamed (1).jpg

Christmas is right around the corner at Atlas Park!

Located in Glendale, Queens the Shops at Atlas Park celebrate an annual tree lighting ceremony to galvanize the spirit of Christmas. The event, sponsored by Broadway Stages, brings together neighborhood residents to enjoy a festive atmosphere leading up the holiday of presents and joyful holiday memories.


Broadway Stages, Brooklyn's largest full service film and production company, sponsored the event, following last year's sponsorship, with attendance from Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages. Celebrating with Broadway Stages was Congresswoman Grace Meng from the Flushing District, whom shared similar sentiment about the winter holiday and the festive atmosphere for the annual tree lighting event.  

The turnout of the event was unimaginable with so many families partaking in the annual celebration. Keeping attendees entertained were performances by young students singing and dancing to classical Christmas tunes. Wrapping up the event, was Santa Claus making rounds around the tree with a trail of helper elves and young children in Christmas fashion. Overall, the event was energetic in song and cheer and beautiful in sight by the Atlas Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving with Borden Avenue Veterans Residence!


Thanksgiving is a holiday of sharing an incredible meal to bring closer the people that matter the most to us. This year to give thanks to and recognize the incredible bravery of our local veterans, Broadway Stages celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday with our fellow veterans at the Borden Avenue Veterans Residence (BAVR)!


The BAVR program is a city initiative funded by the New York City Department of Homeless Service that provides a short term housing solution to veterans in the Long Island City area. The facility accommodates 243 veterans whom are being assisted by BAVR to move to more permanent housing placements. 


Welcoming our fellow veterans for a Thanksgiving feast, Broadway Stages donated fresh ingredients to the executive chef of the William Vale whom prepared meals to celebrate with our veterans. Our team efforts were able to create a truckload of food filled with Thanksgiving classics such as cranberry sauce, mashed potato, mac and cheese, greens, sweet potato, stuffing, ham and of course turkey! Volunteers from Broadway Stages excited to serve our veterans stayed to become waiters for the thanksgiving feast. They helped take orders, serve food, and clean up after each veterans. The incredible day was an amazing experience for our Broadway Stages volunteers whom also participated last year and were able to see many familiar faces!


We want to thank our veterans for the service they have served for our country and the staff at BAVR along with the chefs at the William Vale whom helped bring this amazing event together!


New York Audubon For New York's Wildlife!


Protecting. Conserving. Revitalizing. 

The New York City Audubon Society ensures the proper treatment and management of New York City's beautiful natural ecosystems. Responsible for organizing surveys, species assessments, biodiversity research, public education, and public outreach programs of New York native wildlife species, the NYC Audubon Society concerns itself with establishing strict conservation practices. The Audubon Society connects members of the local community to take participatory action together in a coordinated effort to fortify native and migratory bird habitats as well as other wildlife.

As one of its primary advocators, Broadway Stages believes that conservation practices and education of biodiversity of native bird and wildlife species in New York is critical preserving the natural environment for years to come. Partnering with NYC Audubon, Broadway Stages sponsors the NYC Audubon by providing the necessary funds for the continued  environmental programs it needs to expand and establish for the betterment of NYC's ecosystems. Going beyond just sponsorship, Broadway Stages has also donated our rooftop space on 520 Kingsland, now known as the Kingsland Wildflowers, to be used as a interactive habitat space designated for local wildlife with NYC Audubon. 

Not only a sponsor to NYC Audubon, Broadway Stages also follows similar environmental behaviors by heavily engaging in environmentally conscious efforts and programs across Brooklyn and New York City for the purpose keeping our environment clean for our local wildlife. Our environmental stewardship and conservation practices ranging from utilizing eco-friendly solar powered initiatives to cleanup programs to keep garbage off Brooklyn Streets. Not only do these initiatives and programs benefit the local environment, ecosystem, and wildlife, but also our fellow Brooklynites whom can enjoy a cleaner living environment!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

KCC Annual Fund Campaign


A proud member of the Kingsborough Community College Community, Broadway Stages have contributed tremendous efforts to help and to support the success of Kingsborough students. Whether the task at hand was to establish scholarships, help fund and build a new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics lab, or support the Seaside Splash event, Broadway Stages has always risen to the occasion and continuously supported KCC in establishing, maintaining, and promoting the highest quality and standards of education for KCC students.

Most recently, Gina Argento, Board Member of Kingsborough Community College and President of Broadway Stages, has participated in KCC's Annual Fund Campaign. The Annual Fund Campaign launched by KCC is a yearly initiative that distributes financial donations from members of the community whom wish to support KCC and KCC students in the pursuit of educational and academic excellence. The funds are used to create and establish new educational programing, maintain current programing, update current technologies, and establish scholarships to provide financial assistance. 

Broadway Stages support of KCC's Annual Fund is able to directly impact the lives of many undergraduate scholars at KCC. As a financial contributor to the fund, Broadway Stages has helped KCC students treat patients in hospitals, provide programming for KCC students to learn about software and electrical engineering, and helped KCC students become mentors of their own communities amongst other student accomplishments. Most importantly, Broadway Stages' contributions has created a platform for KCC to encourage its students to plan, achieve, and surpass their academic and professional goals in life. We believe that their student success can only benefit the Brooklyn community and encourage fellow students to make their dreams come true.

Seeing first hand the incredible positive impact that we have on student lives has only encouraged Broadway Stages to become even more engaged and involved with KCC and the KCC community. Broadway Stages openly encourages fellow Brooklynites to support KCC and KCC students in building a better world for learning and academic success. Join us in supporting our local Kingsborough Community College and you can see your impact today!