Nysunworks Project Farm House


Celebrating and inviting fellow sponsors and supports, Nysunworks unrevealed its new Project Farm House location yesterday. Among the attendees were the Broadway Stages family, whom all came to show their support and learn from individual students on how hydroponic education has changed their their learning experience. Broadway Stages were happy to learn from students that they were able to design their own scientific experiments involving hydroponic systems and test their hypothesis! Seeing the excitement of the students in presenting their findings in their experiments inspired the Broadway Stages family to do even more for New York City students. 

Already strongly believing in access to science education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, couldn't help finding herself enthusiastic about Nysunworks's incredible dedication to introduce an innovative and interactive style of education to students. In fact, Gina along with the Broadway Stages family did not hesitate to sponsor and donate to Nysunworks's Greenhouse Project and Youth conference when first partnering with Nysunworks. After all, Gina and Nysunworks both share the same goal of providing access to innovative and quality educational resources to students without any additional costs. However, being able to see the fruition of her dedication and commitments to Nysunworks yesterday night was truly a treat that only further strengthens her commitment to student education. We hope to see Nysunworks continue to do great things and will always be supporting them as your family at Broadway Stages!

Lakeland Scholarships Sets a Record High!


Lakeland celebrates their annual Scholarships fundraiser to provide high school students in New Jersey the opportunity to receive college scholarships on behalf of its supporters. This year the golf outing event was able to raise a record breaking $165,000 for students in the local New Jersey area. The funds will be able sponsored at 73 high schools and 5 colleges to maximize local communal impact and increase student outreach! 

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, was excited to hear the announcement that this year's efforts have reached an all time record! Having supported previously supported Lakeland's fundraising and scholarship events, Gina is happy to see that more people and more contributions are being dedicated to help high school students offset college tuition costs. As a sponsor to the scholarship fundraising event, Gina hopes that this year's record high will only help inspire more individuals to attend Lakeland's next fundraising event so that we are able to support more students every year! Join the effort today and help increase scholarships funds with Gina and Lakeland for students!

Touch-A-Truck Is Back With More Books!

story voyag.jpg

The annual Touch-a-Truck event is back! This past Saturday, the iconic bus was stationed on Leonard Street to raise funds from local supporters that would be reinvested in helping purchase books for children. Tickets admissions gave participants access to fun games, food, and art activities. The whole event was a success with over 250 tickets sold and with even more smilies on children's faces!

Funds raised from the Touch-a-Truck event would be used to offset operating cost and most importantly be used to purchase new reading material for school children! Most excited for the event was Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, who has supported Brooklyn Story Voyager's Truck a Truck in the past and sponsored this year's event. With over 250 tickets sold and including Gina's own donation, Brooklyn Story Voyager will be able to purchase hundreds of new books for students to read and give free to students. Being able to supply hundreds of children with reading material is an amazing communal feat accomplished by the members of the Brooklyn community together!

Broadway Stages and Gina Argento would like to thank our fellow Brooklynites in coming to the Touch a Truck event and supporting New York students by contributing to funds used to purchase educational books!

Hydroponic Education is Taking Off!


This summer hydroponic education and STEM education sprouted in dozens of new schools and local communities in Queens and Brooklyn. Welcoming five new partnerships between schools in Brooklyn and Queens through federal grants, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez was able allocated federal funds to build new hydroponic labs provided by Nysunworks to bring urban agriculture education to city students.

Moreover, the biggest highlight of the summer for hydroponic news came from Brooklyn the "Growing Brooklyn's Future" initiative set forth by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam. President Adams's new educational initiative which will create new hydroponic classrooms in over a dozen schools in Brooklyn communities including Brownsville, Bushwick, and East New York. With an outstanding budget of $2 million to be used on labs built by Nysuwnorks, student will now be able to gain unparalleled access to hydroponic and STEM resources like never before.

Broadway Stages's Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, is grateful to see city officials who share the same passion and advocacy for greater access to and greater quality education for students in Queens and Brooklyn. As a sponsor to and financial supporter of Nysunworks, Gina Argento wants to express her gratitude in the recent initiatives and projects undertaken by city officials who look forward to sharing her goals to add new educational resources to New York City's school curriculum. The additional support from city officials will ensure that greater funds will be allocated to allow interested students to learn about innovative urban agriculture, sustainability, and STEM education that was unprecedented before!

Congratulations to Crain's NY Entertainment Summit!


Broadway Stages would like to congratulate Crain's NY on successfully hosting its Entertainment Summit. The event took to recognize New York's extended film and TV production tax credit until 2023 totaling $420 million. Presenters and Panelist from summit included Howard Zemsky, President CEO and Commissioner of Empire State Development, Matt Dienstag of Lenoble Lumber, Rhoda Glickman of Empire State Development, Thomas O'Donnell of Local 817, and Doug Steiner of Steiner Studios. The summit provided insightful discussions regarding New York's film and TV industry current state and the increasing positive impact that the film industry has had on New York's economy. Highlighting upcoming plans to further train and increase jobs in the film industry, the Crain's Entertainment Summit is pivotal in bringing together the various companies in New York's film industry with the common goal of creating jobs and increase economic output. Once again, congratulations Crain's NY and we look forward to next year's summit!


Futures in Student Education


Futures in Education helps connect student families with individuals acting as Angels or people who help subsidize or completely eliminate tuition cost for students. Funding for the Angel program is completely dependent on the generosity of the individuals who wish to contribute. The Angel program has helped over 700 students in Brooklyn and Queens the opportunity to attend their desired grammar school and beyond.

In addition to the Angel program, Future in Educations celebrates an Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner to help secure additional funding for student education sponsorships. As firm believer in universal access to education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, pledges to sponsor the fundraiser event as Benefactor Sponsor to the event in addition to being an Angel. As a financial contributor to the event, Gina is helping make a direct impact to students who request financial assistance to by providing them with educational scholarships. Eliminating financial obstacles and increasing quality educational access are the goals that Gina wishes to to achieve for New York City families. 

Gina Argento invites you to help contribute to student educational financial assistance and support her in achieving her personal goal of universal quality education. Join her today!


Broadway Stages Scholarship Award Goes to Rachel Chow!


Broadway Stages would like to congratulate Rachel Chow as the first recipient of the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award!

Honoring student passion in film making and pursuit of the arts, Broadway Stages helps Kingsborough Community College rewards students with high academic drive and passions for filmmaking by introducing the Broadway Stages Scholarship Award. The new founded scholarship stems from the rising partnership between Broadway Stages and Kingsborough Community College after participation in KCC’s CXM Academy. The award received by Rachel will help her offset educational costs to further her studies in media arts including arts materials and related resources.  

Broadway Stages is happy to see enthusiastic future filmmakers like Rachel excel in her passion and career. As one of New York City’s largest full-service film production companies, Broadway Stages is always looking to encourage the next generation to following their passion in film and looking forward to helping them lead a success career in the film industry. We hope know Rachel will continue to strive and do great things!

Kingsland Wildflower Festival!

DSC06407 copy.jpg
DSC06371 copy.jpg

Last Saturday, Broadway Stages celebrated the second Kingsland Wildflower Festival to in honor of the continued commitment to transform 30,000 sqft of roof space into floral gardens. The event was open to the public from 12pm-4pm with refreshments and meals provided by Broadway Stages and Broadway Stages staff. Participants for the festival included local Brooklyn conservation groups, whom set up booths to teach attendees the importance of sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. In addition, nearby residents were able to climb atop the roofs of Broadway Stages' 520 Kingsland Ave location to experience first hand the beauty of the Kingsland Wildflowers.

DSC06389 copy.jpg

The Kingsland Wildflower project was created in partners with GCEF, Alive Structures, New York City Audubon, the Newtown Creek Alliance, and Broadway Stages, whom provided the space and infrastructure costs. The project was created to achieve a shared goal between its member which is to preserve the natural greenery and introduce green infrastructure in Brooklyn. Set to be an example of sustainable conservation practices and infrastructure, the Kingsland Wildflower Project provides a cohabit space between different natural wildlife species as the first of its kind, hoping to inspire many more to follow.

DSC06345 copy.jpg

The successful conversion of 22,000 sqft of rooftop space has already been finished with 10,000 sqft soon to be finished in the following year. Green spaces such as the Kingsland Wildflower Project not only help the environment but also function as a great public space that for New Yorkers to come and enjoy a scenic destination. Opening events such as this one also allows likeminded individuals to share a sustainable practices and ideas.

Broadway Stages could not have asked for a better turnout for the Kingsland Wildflower event. Thank you Brooklyn for showing your enthusiasm for our project and for your continued support!


We Say Never Stop Giving Back!


“Never stop giving back,” says Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages.

Those are the words that Broadway Stages was built upon when Tony Argento, Founder of Broadway Stages, opened his first soundstage in the 1980s. Even when just starting out in the Film and TV industry, Tony always wanted to reinvest his success back into the local business owners because he believed in spreading his success to his community members. This meant he went to local shops for equipment, local restaurants for food, and hired local residents as workers. Therefore, Broadway Stages’ success was always going to directly help the fellow community members and businesses.

Since then over the course 30 years, Broadway Stages has always stayed true to our founding principle imprinted by Founder Tony Argento. Today that traditional is carried on by sister and CEO Gina Argento. Though the company has grown sizably since, Gina Argento has not forgotten the principle values of community commitment and local reinvestments. From sponsoring annual block parties for families in Brooklyn, cooking delicious meals for community residents, or buying clothes for clothing drives, Broadway Stages’ community responsibility have not changed and will only continue to be stronger.

In addition to the community commitment put in place by Tony, Gina has since added educational commitments to Broadway Stages’ list of community commitments. As a significant supporter of programs at the Greenpoint YMCA, the Green Science Week at PS110, and Nysunworks across the five boroughs, Gina is committed to supporting New York City students across a wide educational spectrum in their pursuit of academia and knowledge. In fact, Gina was even able to help build a school in the Philippines after it was destroyed by a typhoon. Providing students educational is a top priority for Gina who has already sponsored dozens of STEM(science, technology, engineering, and math) events this year alone.

With that in mind, as we expand into Staten Island, Broadway Stages is excited to get the opportunity to support businesses and student education in Staten Island.

Summer Solar Success!

solar poster.jpg

Over the summer, Broadway Stages was excited for and thankful for the abundant days of bright sunlight. Not only did the sun bring about great weather and lively atmosphere, but it also brought with it, from 92 million miles, the tremendous free energy of the sun. Seemingly unlimited in its energy output, the sun was the perfect clean energy alternative for Broadway Stages to use to replace our reliance on traditional energy that harm the environment. To realize our solar program, Broadway Stages, in collaboration with Brooklyn based Solar Energy Systems, installed innovative solar panel technology, totaling over 50,000 sqft to capture sunlight and convert to usable electric energy.

Since 2010, Broadway Stages has naturally sourced over 25% of our annual electric needs from natural sunlight. Our solar panels are able to convert sunlight into 1,200,000kWh of electrical power used for studios lights, back lights, air conditioning, and offices. Acting as a viable green alternative to traditional energy resources, solar energy does not release or emit any harm such as carbon dioxide and methane. Instead, solar energy is a clean source of energy that does not harm environment or the natural ecosystem and requires no other input other than the daily light from the sun.

Due to the tremendous success of our solar energy program at our Greenpoint location, Broadway Stages has included solar energy systems as part of our sound stage transformation across our other locations in Brooklyn and Queens. This solar commitment will naturally extend to our new and upcoming Staten Island Stages at Arthur Kill. Planned for the upcoming year, solar energy will look to produce a significant percentage of electrical energy used at the facility, made possible by the large size of the facility. Broadway Stages moves to become energy clean by incorporating more and more solar powered systems!

Science Education For All!


Broadway Stages believes in supporting science education for the advancement of green technology and energy efficiency. These past few years, Broadway Stages has contributed to a series of events that helped spread, educate, and inspire new recruits to join the scientific community.


Earlier this year, Broadway Stages sponsored the Green Science Week at PS110! The annual event centers around the importance of sustainable living and renewable energy resources. The educational lessons and activities sponsored by Broadway Stages teaches the process of solar energy, agriculture, and recycling responsibilities to elementary students. Students at the Greenpoint school learned about subjects including nutrition, chemistry, agriculture, and physics through a collection of mini experiments or activities.

download (1).jpeg

To include high school students, Broadway Stages works with Nysunworks to bring the frontier of science education closer to schools by building Greenhouse Project Labs across the five boroughs and New Jersey. Focusing on providing hands-on STEM learning workshops, Nysunworks wants students to experience the excitement of active participation in scientific experiments that go beyond traditional classroom learning. In addition to teaching students about solar panels, fish farming, compositing, students are taught about hydroponic growing systems, or the modernize adaptation of farming in smaller urbanized environments. At the Greenhouse Project Labs, students are able to participate in planting hydroponic agriculture with the end goal of  harvesting their plants used to create their own nutritious meals.


At Kingsborough Community College, Broadway Stages was able to help sponsor the STEM Lab to allow college students to have the needed equipment and environment to conduct their scientific research. Using the lab, student researchers are able to compete as at the top level of their fields and explore the frontier of scientific theories, concepts, and experiments.


Broadway Stages wants to inspire scientific learning even beyond the boundaries of a classroom by inviting New Yorkers to our Rooftop Farms location. Dedicated to addressing the benefits of urban farming, water conservation, and sustainable principles, Rooftop Farms looks to accomplish urban agricultural sustainability while preserving freshness and quality. Servicing free community programs on Sundays, visitors are welcomed to learn and enjoy the experience of urban farming guided by Rooftop Farm instructors and volunteers!

At Broadway Stages, we believe science education is an important factor in creating a better and brighter future. Join us in sponsoring or dedicating your time to create a brighter future for us all!

Camp Brooklyn Community Service Awards with Broadway Stages

camp brooklyn.jpg

Access to recreational activity and enrichment programs for all children should be a financially free opportunity to help students grow socially and emotionally with fellow peers. To help ensure that Brooklyn children and students are able to attend enrichment programs such as sleep away camps, Broadway Stages has supported the Camp Brooklyn Fund and sponsored the Camp Brooklyn Fund’s Community Service Award.

Working together with the Camp Brooklyn Fund, Broadway Stages has set out on the mission to send Brooklyn students to experience sleep-away camps at no expense to their families. Sleep away camps are designed in mind to transform children’s lives by teaching them the importance of their individuality while socializing, growing, and learning with fellow campers. Guided by excellent instructors, campers enjoy group activities to develop teamwork awhile learning about personal and social responsibilities to become good citizens. In fact, most campers that attend the sleep away camp program, remain friends even after the camp has ended and continue to uphold good citizenship!

To help continue to fund sleep away experiences, Broadway Stages supports these life changing adventures by financially contributing to Camp Brooklyn Fund events and sponsoring outreach interactions!

At this year’s Camp Brooklyn Fund’s Community Service Award Gala, the Brooklyn community came together to recognize supporting members, inspire new found members, and held an auction to generate funds to support upcoming events for Brooklyn campers. Broadway Stages was happy to be able to provide Behind the Scene Tours of Broadway Stages, a gift Certificate, Coach charm bag, Chanel Pareo, Stan Lee autographed photo, Cosmos tickets, Fitbit, and Hello Dolly Broadway Tickets for the auction used to raised funds for Camp Brooklyn. With the contributions, Broadway Stages looks forward to seeing more campers at Camp Brooklyn and receive the opportunity to go to sleep away camps!