Gina Argento is helping keep Bushwick and Brooklyn clean!

Gina Argento encourages everyone to take part in keeping Brooklyn clean.

Gina Argento in collaboration with the Ujima Community Working Together(UCWT), wishes to remove and eliminate graffiti on local community buildings. The Graffiti Removal initiative by UCWT is an important part of cleaning unwanted and illegal graffiti vandalism on Buskwick resident buildings and businesses. The initiative partners local students and volunteers, including the 83rd Precinct, to team up and remove graffiti areas together.

As a financial contributor, Gina Argento wants to aid UCWT and the Buskwick community in removing intrusive graffiti writing and art. Join Gina Argento in her efforts to combat graffiti in Brooklyn and Bushwick!

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Gina Argento helps Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition to provide quality care for animals!

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, shared Valentines Day love with the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition(BARC) at its annual Valentines Dinner Dance. The BARC is a temporary shelter of love for abandoned animals until a permanent home is found. Animals at the BARC receive quality care, food, shelter, and most importantly love.

As a contributor to the event, Gina Argento is able to support the health of and the care of animals in BARC programs. Her financial donations will also aid in training of BARC staff and maintenance of BARC facilities. Gina encourages you all to support BARC's mission today and spread the love to all animals.  #GoGina

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Broadway Stages Gina Argento support Quality Services for the Autism Community!

Quality Services for Autism the Community(QSAC) is committed to providing quality services to those with or affected by autism. Each year, QSAC hosts the Believe Gala to raise funds to finance its autism support programs to serve over 2,100 children and adults annually.

As a donator to QSAC's Believe Gala, Broadway Stages's Gina Argento supports children and adults with autism by helping provide personnel services for families affected. Gina Argento wants to help improve social and educational services for individuals with autism and provide them with quality care services. Join Broadway Stages in the supporting individuals and families affected by autism and support QSAC with us!

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Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports Brooklyn student education!

The Federation of Italian-American Organizations of Brooklyn(FIAOB) is dedicated to providing public assistance to local Brooklyn community members. The FIAOB helps translate, refer, and escort non-english speaking natives to governmental agencies. This year, the FIAOB celebrates its 40th Annual Fund Raising Gala to gather funds for high school education.

As a sponsor of the fund raising event, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, will help provide scholarships to highs school student recipients to enable students to continue their education. As part of our commitment to education, Gina wishes her contributions to the scholarships, are able to positively impact student educational needs.

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Broadway Stages and Gina Argento excited for Pandas in New York City!

New Yorkers can now visit pandas right in our own backyard thanks to Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney. Representing the Bronx Zoo, Carolyn Maloney has been a long and until recently was an unheard voice for bringing pandas from China to Central Park or Bronx Zoo. Since 1999, Carolyn has had a desire for pandas, seeing their arrival in New York as a  “time to have something happy.” 

To benefit The Pandas Are Coming to NYC Project, Broadway Stages’s President Gina Argento sponsors the Black & White Panda Ball. As a sponsor of the event, Gina wishes to take part in welcoming two Chinese pandas by raising the funds necessary to accommodate the transportation and stay of the pandas. Broadway Stages looks forwards to the days the pandas arrive! #GoGina

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Broadway Stages President Gina Argento sponsors wheelchairs for Greenpoint veterans!

"Many disabled veterans in Greenpoint, Brooklyn lack wheelchair assistance to perform daily tasks. As part of our commitment to serve our brave veterans, Broadway Stages‘s Gina Argento sponsors wheelchairs for veterans in part with the Knights of Columbus Lexington. As a financial sponsor of the communal effort to accommodate disabled veterans, Gina wishes that her contributions will help our local veterans gain access to greater mobility. Join Gina and the Knights of Columbus Lexington by helping out your local veterans!"

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Gina Argento is together with Roundabout Theatre to bring theatre to you!

Founded in 1991, the Roundabout Theatre is committed to producing quality theatrical performances suitable for adults and children audiences. Roundabout Theatre reintroduces classical plays and musicals as well as spotlight introduce emerging writers and new creatives. Through its New Play Initiative, Roundabout Theatre has helped Harold Pinter’s Moonlight and Brian Friel’s Molly Sweeney.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, believes the production of theatrical and dramatic performances are essential to further explore creative arts. Gina has provided financial contributions to help make available necessary funds to operate programs run by Roundabout Theatre. The contributions will also be used to assist in educational and outreach programs to increase exposure of the theatre industry. #GoGina

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Gina Argento of Broadway Stages and Family & Children’s wish to protect local Long Island Communities and bring positive change to Long Island families. Family & Children’s have provided quality counseling services and developmental programs to local residences. With over 10,000 individuals and families served each year, Family & Children are able to positively impact a great number of citizens to help overcome their challenges.

To ensure the availability of Family & Children’s services to Long Island Community members, Gina Argento and Broadway Stages provide financial contributions to Family & Children’s. Gina hopes her contributions is able to increase the number of members served in Family & Children’s programs and positively impact family and individual lives. #GoGina

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Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports educational excellence at Saint Ignatius Loyola School

The Saint Ignatius Loyola School employs a rigorous academic programs to ensure that students receive educational programs that meet the high standards of New York State requirements for over 163 years.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, understands the importance of quality education for New York City  students and wishes to continue to improve educational resources for New York students. To help sustain Saint Ignatius Loyola School’s educational programs and academic excellence, Gina Argento provides the necessary financial resources to assist in funding scholarships and budgetary needs through SIS’s Annual Fund. Gina hopes her donation is able to inspire others to contribute to local New York education and New York City students. #GoGina 

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Broadway Stages adds to production record in New York City Film Production!

Since last May 2016, an all time high of 52 television series were filmed in New York City, in addition to 336 feature-film projects. The outstanding growth of 13% for television and 40% in feature film production since only 2015, is due to New York State’s $420 million in film production tax credits. 

Broadway Stages, Brooklyn’s largest full service film and production company, has helped bring into New York City shows such as CBS’s Bull, TBS’s The Detour, and the Emmy Award The Good Wife to name a few. The production increase has had a undeniable positive impact on the local economy. With film production sourcing locally for food and equipment, productions have been a driving force in local economic booms. 

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Broadway Stages reminds New Yorkers to stay safe in snowy weather!

Stay inside if you can! New York City has issued a Winter Storm Warning for New York residents. The expected 10-14 inches of snow and sleet is set to conclude only after evening today. Please stay inside and only go outside if required due to severe wind and limited visibility. If you must go out, please drive carefully on the road to reduce chances of injury on icy roads and walk slowly to reduce chances of injury on icy sidewalks.

Remember to be safe and stay safe until the storm passes.

Gina Argento supports Ohel Children's Home and Family Services!

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, wants to ensure that children and family with disability, emotional, and educational needs are met through Ohel’s various outreach and community programs. To assure that Ohel individuals and families are able to continue receiving quality care in Ohel programs, Gina honors the Jaffa Campus Family Builders at the Ohel Gala by financially contributing to Ohel’s mission. #GoGina

Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services provides top ranking foster care in New York City to ensure children’s medical and educational needs are properly fulfilled. Ohel also assists in adult health services through its residential housing program and health illness program.

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