Broadway Stages Helps North Brooklyn Maintain Clean, Open Spaces

Gina Argento, President of North Brooklyn-based Broadway Stages, devotes herself to helping her Brooklyn community. Gina Argento is passionate about extending and preserving the natural park space and greenery of North Brooklyn for Brooklynites to enjoy with their families.

Partnering with Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), a community organization focused on expanding and improving open spaces in Brooklyn, Gina channels her efforts toward advocating for the maintenance and enhancement of current local park spaces. As a park steward sponsor to OSA, Gina understands that her financial contributions help provide the necessary financial resources to preserve OSA's Greenpoint Parks Stewardship Program.

The Greenpoint Parks Stewardship Program is a major outlet for OSA to recruit and educate individuals on how to keep their neighborhoods clean. The program incorporates cleanup initiatives, gardening, and cultural events to keep our communities clean while celebrating our diverse heritages.

Join Gina's commitment to keep the North Brooklyn community focused on giving Brooklynites open spaces! Join OSA today and do your part to help North Brooklyn parks stay open and clean for Brooklynites to enjoy!