We Say Never Stop Giving Back!

“Never stop giving back,” says Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages.

Those are the words that Broadway Stages was built upon when Tony Argento, Founder of Broadway Stages, opened his first soundstage in the 1980s. Even when just starting out in the Film and TV industry, Tony always wanted to reinvest his success back into the local business owners because he believed in spreading his success to his community members. This meant he went to local shops for equipment, local restaurants for food, and hired local residents as workers. Therefore, Broadway Stages’ success was always going to directly help the fellow community members and businesses.

Since then over the course 30 years, Broadway Stages has always stayed true to our founding principle imprinted by Founder Tony Argento. Today that traditional is carried on by sister and CEO Gina Argento. Though the company has grown sizably since, Gina Argento has not forgotten the principle values of community commitment and local reinvestments. From sponsoring annual block parties for families in Brooklyn, cooking delicious meals for community residents, or buying clothes for clothing drives, Broadway Stages’ community responsibility have not changed and will only continue to be stronger.

In addition to the community commitment put in place by Tony, Gina has since added educational commitments to Broadway Stages’ list of community commitments. As a significant supporter of programs at the Greenpoint YMCA, the Green Science Week at PS110, and Nysunworks across the five boroughs, Gina is committed to supporting New York City students across a wide educational spectrum in their pursuit of academia and knowledge. In fact, Gina was even able to help build a school in the Philippines after it was destroyed by a typhoon. Providing students educational is a top priority for Gina who has already sponsored dozens of STEM(science, technology, engineering, and math) events this year alone.

With that in mind, as we expand into Staten Island, Broadway Stages is excited to get the opportunity to support businesses and student education in Staten Island.