An Amazing Beginning for the Community Word Project in 2018!


Community Word Projects helps educate, inspire, and serve thousands of young students in numerous communities to explore and develop their creative arts. The CWP focuses on providing New York children with a stimulating arts curriculum to encourage self development while integrating critical discovery of personal art and personal learning. The sponsored classroom programs collaborate with visual artist, writers, musicians, photographers, and theatre performers, making sure that students can participate in art forms to expand their creative nature. In fact, each student is able to intimately engage in and explore different arts thanks to the 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio central to CWP learning styles. The CWP ultimately seeks to build a community for young people to learn and contribute to the artist surrounding in New York.

Helping support the 19 years of positive impact that the CWP achieved is Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, who seeks to enrich the artistic education of over 2,500 students across 22 schools. Her sponsorship at the Annual CWP Benefit: Writing Our Future, has successfully helped raise over $160K from the New York Community. This year’s amazing dedication from community members only propels CWP to reach even more students and schools. Gina is excited for the high quality of artistic education  more students will receive this year and hopes you can join her in the CWP community to reach even more students!