Broadway Stages Sponsors Toy Drive at Kingsland Avenue

toy drive.jpg

In anticipation of the holidays, Brooklyn's largest full-service sound stage studio is preparing for another year of supporting local children! On December 16, Broadway Stages, in partnership with the 94th Precinct, is organizing a toy drive to collectively donate to Brooklyn families.

Dozens of dedicated Broadway Stages employees collect and distribute over a hundred toys during the annual donation drive. Purchasing dolls, actions figures, cars, and Legos, the staff at Broadway Stages and the officers at the 94th Precinct encourage each other to contribute to the drive to benefit our fellow neighbors.

The toy drive is open to all Brooklynites to participate, and the more the merrier! Whether you want to donate to the cause or come celebrate with your family, Broadway Stages welcomes you from noon to 3 p.m. next Saturday! Be sure to stop by; we would love to celebrate the night with our Greenpoint family!