Broadway Stages' Green Pillars lead by Gina Argento

Broadway Stages Gina Argento upholds environmental stewardship by following four fundamental green pillars that she always seeks to improve upon and encourage others to follow. #GoGina

The power of the sun and its virtual unlimited energy resource should not be underestimated says Gina Argento. Solar Energy is one of the most powerful resources available and has the potential to power all our energy needs if properly harnessed. Taking a step in the direction to replace traditional energy outlets, Broadway Stages has been sourcing a significant portion of our energy demands directly from the sun! Sitting under direct sun at our Kingsland rooftops are rows and rows of large solar panels aimed position at the sun. This is part of our solar commitment  since 2010 has saved Broadway Stages over 1,200,000kWh annually from traditional electrical sources such as nuclear, coal, and gas.

Contributing back to the natural environment by planting more plants is the most direct way to impact and help embrace the green revolution. Planting vegetables or garden greens are crucial in reduce carbon emissions surrounding the metro area. As the top consumers of carbon dioxide, plants directly replace carbon in the air with breathable oxygen. Concerned about the air quality and carbon levels, Gina Argento has supported the urban farm revolution since 2008 by creating Rooftop Farms. In operation for almost a decade now, Rooftop Farms has served the Brooklyn community by providing fresh organic vegetables on the edge of Greenpoint while replenishing oxygen in the air.

Water is the one of the most limited and important resources in the world. Learning how to efficiently and effectively utilize water to maximize its output is a challenge which needs to be solved to protect water supply and conservation. Partnering with Nysunworks, Gina Argento has helped sponsor innovative hydroponic technology education to the next generation. Teaching students to use only a fraction of traditional farming methods, hydroponic technology maximizes water resources by reducing water for crop production by up to 90% less water than conventional farming.

Essential to the preservation of the natural ecosystem, wildlife populations such as local bird species are indicative of the quality of New York City landscapes. However, urbanization threats to destroy and hinder growth of our native bird species. Hoping to protect New York City wildlife, Gina Argento has partnered with the New York City Audubon to jointly improve and prioritize the safety of New York wildlife. The integrity of wildlife is necessary to the revitalization and the conservation of local landscapes across the five boroughs.

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