Brooklyn Eagle at Broadway Stages' Kingsland Wildflower Brooklyn Reveal

"Just look around you." When asked about the enormous of cost for foundational engineering, soil and water bedding, and roofing, by the Brooklyn Eagle during the first Brooklyn Reveal event, a multipart series to showcase the progress of the Kingsland Wildflower project, Tony Argento says,

Founder of Broadway Stages and partner of the Kingsland Wildflower Project Tony Argento, believes that you cannot put on a price on the natural environmental and strives to personally protecting resources. As a business owner in Greenpoint, Tony Argento is familiar with the importance of the Newtown Creek to the Greenpoint community. While looking for ways to protect the natural integrity of area for generations to come, Tony was more than happy to commit financial resources, roof space, and personal time to the Kingsland Wildflower Project.

Having initially already committed 22,000 square feet of space in roofing for the project, Tony has already pledged an additional 10,000 square feet for the green space to expand.  The extra space only adds to the gross area that is already inhabited by flowers, insects, and birds. More green roofing also absorbs more rainwater that benefits the Newtown Creek because “it prevents rainwater from flowing into the storm drains and overflowing the Creek. ” When the additional 20,000 square feet are completed, the Wildflower project will more than double in its environmental impact. 

Since 2015, the Kingsland Project brought together preservationist from Broadway Stages, Alive Structures, the NYC Audubon, and Trout in the Classroom to restore and revitalize the Newtown Creek area for Brooklynites. And only 2 years later, 10,000 square feet of open garden space is completed with 20,000 more square feet set to be completed in the following years to come. Stick around for more to come!