Broadway Stages Sponsors Glendale and Brooklyn 94th Precinct National Night Out

This past Tuesday, Broadway Stages sponsored the National Night Out to honor the hardworking and brave men and women of the 94th Precinct protecting Greenpoint every day. The annual community event promotes police and resident camaraderie and helps create safer neighborhoods by bringing together local residents with those who pledge to serve them. The event honoring our local officers was a huge success!

Broadway Stages invited all our neighbors in Greenpoint to enjoy delicious grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages topped with fresh veggies on us! Serving hundreds of families and children that night, Broadway Stages came prepared with dozens of pounds of food to accommodate our hungry guests.

Among the most popular attraction at the event was the water jet game, which involves shooting a water pistol at a target three feet away to elevate your pole to the top. The game attracted children and adults, with winners taking home toys including SpongeBob and emoji plushies.


















At the end of the night, we held a showing of all the honorable servicemen and women who strive to keep our communities and families safe. As police officers walked to the stage, they were greeted with rounds of applause by community members thankful for their service. Receiving cheers from the crowd, the 94th Precinct sure felt right at home at the National Night Out.

We hope that the 94th Precinct and our fellow Brooklynites enjoyed the event and look forward to continuing to serve our community, as the 94th Precinct does.