YMCA Camp Spirit Day - Musical and Dance Perfomances

spirrit camp.jpg

Its all about Spirit Day at YMCA!

The YMCA Camp Spirit Day joins young YMCA campers at its annual celebration to showcase spectacular musical and dance talent performed at the end of its summer program. This year’s spirit summer theme was “Myths & Legends” with participants from student-named groups “Trolls”, “Be Our Guests”, “The Rhythm”, and “Zuka Zama.” Each group performance included the key element of group work to teach campers importance of teamwork and helping one another. Anticipation for the event was at an all time high, with audience members filling up the auditorium at PS84 by the start of the show. At the end of each performance, audience members were already applauding, all amazed at the genius of each group performance.

YMCA event like these help provide students with artistic enrichment that is essential to creative development. By promoting creative expressions in the form of dance and music, YMCA allow young campers to enjoy themselves while exploring their artistic talents.

Similarly, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages and Board Member of YMCA Greenpoint, agrees with YMCA that recreational activity and student enrichment programs are crucial positive youth development. As a financial contributor to YMCA and YMCA sponsored events, Gina’s active participation directly helps YMCA outreach programs and summer camps. Not only does it help gain exposure for YMCA programs, but her contributions also help maximize community participation at YMCA by providing families free memberships. Focused on improving recreational activity outreach and participation, Gina Argento dedicates her resources to provide every child access to recreational activities that will benefit their mental, social, and physical growth.