Staten Island's Goodhue Center


The Children’s Aid Society Goodhue Center located in Staten Island has served hundred of youth and families since the 1912 for the benefit of Staten Island residents. The center, which is one of the largest greenspaces on Staten Island, is complete with outdoor facilities including ball fields, gardens, open spaces, and a pool. Created with the purpose educational learning through after-school programs and nutritional awareness through nutritional activities and physical exercise, the program focuses on providing youth and families opportunities to learn and enrich their lives. Gina Argento, Broadway Stages President, wants to encourage the continued enrichment programs offered at the Goodhue Center. For the benefit of Staten Island families, Gina helps support popular programs at the center including the robotic club, sports teams, summer camps, and nutritional awareness programs through financial donations. Gina hopes her contributions can allow the families and children of Staten Island to enjoy free educational learning and maximize physical health. Ultimately, she hopes to inspire others in the New York Community to support local organization that aim to improve the lives of our neighbors in Staten Island.