YMCA Summer Camp Around the Corner!


Summer is right around the corner! The YMCA offers an amazing summer experience for youths in the New York area. From sports to the arts, the YMCA offers a wide variety of specially designed youth camps to satisfy a range of educational interests.

Open to all families across the five boroughs, the YMCA operates 11 camps with specific designations based on location, age, and activity. Enrichment programs spread throughout the day include group activities and also focus on healthy habits like daily nutrition and staying active. With many activities and friends to be made, YMCA summer camp will provide many positive memories for your children and family.

A proud supporter of the YMCA, Broadway Stages President Gina Argento encourages families to enroll their children into the summer camp program. As a financial contributor to the YMCA, Gina is among the community members who help supplement or secure funding for families qualified for financial support. Her contributions toward supporting local families is part of her efforts to reinvest in local community members, always acknowledging the importance of community cohesion. With that in mind, you can be assured that Gina and fellow community contributors want your family and children to experience an amazing summer with YMCA!