Broadway Stages' Gina Argento : Volunteer of the Year!

Gina Argento, President and CEO of Broadway Stages, is Greenpoint YMCA's Volunteers of the Year!


The 2017 General Assembly & Volunteer Recognition Ceremony distributes Adult Volunteer of the Year Awards recognizing the excellence of individual contribution towards the improvement of one's community. Gina Argento, recipient of Greenpoint's YMCA award, is honored for her vast philanthropic contributions and leadership in leading to various improvements in the Greenpoint community. Known to have supported YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign and consistence presence at YMCA events, Gina Argento feels honored and humbled to selected for the award saying, "I just try to help out wherever I can."


The Broadway Stages Family is proud of Gina's lasting impact on the Brooklyn community through the YMCA and other community centered institutions. Our commitment to Brooklyn and Brooklynites only grows stronger and stronger as the years go on! #GoGina #GoBrooklyn


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