Get Ready to Get Rooftop Healthy with Broadway Stages!

Broadway Stages offers healthy and convenient food options grown right here in Brooklyn! Our Rooftop Farms, the very first of its kind since 2008, was a revolutionary step in bringing urban farming to the New York metro area brought forth by President Gina Argento and Founder Tony Argento. Our commitment to source locally lead us to develop and create our very own and NYC's first urban farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The idea behind bringing an urban farm to Brooklynites was to allow local residents to actually see where their food was coming from. Broadway Stages wanted to offer our consumers the transparency and security that people can trust in their foods. Rooftop farms uses urban farming techniques that do not utilize harmful chemicals and even welcome visitors to come and participate with us. #GoGina

Rooftop Farms brings awareness to the need to keep green spaces in NYC. Broadway Stages believes that conversions of more rooftop into green spaces are vital in keeping the greenscape of New York City alive. Green rooftops can help combat air pollution, preserve wildlife, and grow organic foods!


Brooklynites are welcome to join us Sunday afternoon to actively participate in growing their very own vegetables and learn about the urban growing process. Visitors can expect to learn earth friendly tips and learn how add greenery to their homes every Sunday afternoon! Stop by our Rooftop Farms and get your head start on NYC Green!

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