Park Stewardship With Broadway Stages and Open Space Alliance!

Gina Argento, green activist and president of North Brooklyn's Broadway Stages, is celebrating with fellow North Brooklynites at the Amazon Studio to recognize the communal effort to help secure parks for the residents of Greenpoint and Willamsburg.

Partnering with Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), Gina, on behalf of Broadway Stages, has committed financial resources for the use of park-enhancing services and park-expanding programs as part of her duty as a park steward. Gina pledges her continued support to OSA to make Brooklyn parks safe, clean, and green for community members.

Gina's contributions to OSA have only helped contribute to OSA's mission to provide park services to all Brooklyn parks within the Community District 1 area. Committed to improving park conditions and raising awareness for the need to maintain public spaces, OSA relies on community funding and support like that from Broadway Stages to effectively operate and perform its services. Gina, a known supporter of local Brooklyn businesses and community programs, thinks that Brooklynites should support one another. Broadway Stages is proud to help provide our community with clean, safe, and open parks for Brooklyn.

Gina encourages you to join her and OSA in securing Brooklyn spaces and parks for Brooklynites to use to enjoy recreational activities. Help support a community mission to maintain and create parks!

Summer Rooftop Fun With Broadway Stages' Rooftop Farm

The summer season is in full swing and so is our Rooftop Farms! Broadway Stages’ Rooftop Farms, created by Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and founder Tony Argento, welcomes you to join our urban farm atop our Eagle Street warehouse overlooking the beautiful Manhattan cityscape.

Rooftop Farms began with the idea to encourage New York City residents and businesses to pursue a greener New York City skyline. Since 2008, Rooftop Farms has grown and produced thousands of pounds of fresh, safe, and delicious produce for neighborhood families and community members. Partnering with local Brooklyn restaurants, Rooftop Farms delivers quality-grade vegetables to ensure restaurants are serving the best foods they can.

Rooftop Farms is not only a prime destination to get fresh high-quality ingredients, but it is also a great place to learn about the urban farm movement and techniques to help start your own miniature urban farm. Urban farming education is provided by Rooftop Farms staff dedicated and passionate about keeping greenery in New York City. Visitors will learn about the impacts of urbanization on the natural environment and how urban farming can help diminish its effects. Come visit Rooftop Farms today and learn how you can make a big impact on the environment and enjoy fresh, all-natural produce!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento Supports Green Pillars

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento follows four fundamental green pillars that she always seeks to improve upon and encourages others to adopt.

Solar: The power of the sun and its virtually unlimited energy supply should not be underestimated. Solar energy is one of the most powerful resources available and has the potential to power all our energy needs if properly harnessed. Taking a step to replace traditional energy sources, Broadway Stages has been sourcing a significant portion of our energy demands directly from the sun. Sitting under direct sunlight at our Kingsland rooftops are rows and rows of large solar panels. This is part of our solar commitment dating back to 2010, which has saved Broadway Stages over 1,200,000 kilowatt hours annually from traditional sources like nuclear, coal, and gas.

Nature: Contributing back to the natural environment by growing more plants is the most direct way to embrace the green revolution. Planting vegetables or garden greens is crucial in reducing carbon emissions surrounding the metro area. As the top consumers of carbon dioxide, plants directly replace carbon in the air with breathable oxygen. Concerned about air quality and carbon levels, Gina has supported the urban farm revolution since 2008 by creating Rooftop Farms. In operation for almost a decade now, Rooftop Farms has served the Brooklyn community by providing fresh organic vegetables on the edge of Greenpoint while replenishing oxygen in the air.

Water: Water is the one of the most limited and important resources in the world. Learning how to efficiently and effectively utilize water to maximize its output is a challenge that needs to be solved. To help protect the water supply and promote conservation, Gina is teaming up with NY Sun Works to sponsor innovative hydroponic technology education for the next generation. Teaching students to use only a fraction of traditional farming methods, hydroponic technology maximizes water resources by reducing water for crop production by up to 90% compared to conventional farming.

Wildlife: Essential to the preservation of the natural ecosystem, wildlife populations are indicative of the quality of New York City landscapes. However, urbanization threatens to destroy and hinder growth of our native bird species. Hoping to protect New York City wildlife, Gina has partnered with the New York City Audubon to jointly improve and prioritize the safety of New York wildlife. The integrity of wildlife is necessary to the revitalization and conservation of local landscapes across the five boroughs.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, Joins NYSunWorks at its Annual Youth Conference

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento envisions a future of green education and sustainable energy in New York City. Inspired to promote the exploration of green energy options, Gina has aligned with NY Sun Works (NYSW), an organization that focuses its mission on sustainable energy and environmental stewardship.

The sixth annual Youth Conference held by NYSW highlights students' scientific achievements through self-conducted scientific research. The conference encourages students from grades five through 12 to participate in green energy research and share their findings with their peers across New York City and New Jersey. The conference empowers students to inspire one another to take action for a greener planet by expressing the need for renewable energy and resources.

The Youth Conference acts as a platform for climate change advisers such as Anthony Annett from the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University. Helping endorse future environmentally friendly solutions, Anthony offers intimate knowledge on climate change and renewable energy.

As a sponsor the NYSW Youth Conference, Gina wants to inspire young minds to think about the wellbeing of our planet. By learning the fundamental scientific principles related to sustainable research, students can develop ecological habits that will positively affect their surrounding environments.

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento Sponsors Forte New York Chamber Music Series

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento is sponsoring the Master Series concert presented by Forte New York Chamber Music Series (FNCMS) with renowned violinist Ian Swensen and Artistic Director Vicky HyunJin Lee. The project, created by Fractured Atlas, hopes to inspire a generation of world-class musicians and introduce communities across the New York City metropolitan area to classical music.

Producing 10 concerts each season at New York Presbyterian Church, FNCMS offers New York's most talented young musicians the rare opportunity to showcase their musical genius atop a world stage in front of a live audience. FNCMS's mission is to continuously improve instrumental techniques and orchestral harmony by focusing on some of the world's youngest orchestral protégées.

Created as a community-based organization, FNCMS seeks to expose a wide range of audiences to the beauty of classical notes by providing free admission and parking to all seeking an evening of classical indulgence.

Believing in the importance of musical expression and providing the opportunity for young talents to creatively study their passions, Gina seeks to improve musical apprenticeship and encourage young musicians to pursue their dreams. Gina hopes her contributions will allow more young musicians the opportunity to showcase their passion in front of a live audience.

Join Gina and Broadway Stages in donating so that young, exceptional musical geniuses will have the opportunity to bring brilliant performances to you and the New York City community. Remember to stop by and enjoy a show if you haven't already. It's free!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento Awarded at Staten Island Economic Development Corporation Business Conference

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento was recognized at the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) Business Conference for her efforts in establishing the upcoming Staten Island Stages at the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility. The transformation of the old prison will bring about positive benefits and economic activity. Set to create five new sound stages that will attract film production companies, which will spend locally and gather local talent, the soon-to-come Staten Island Stages will operate as a hub of economic activity to boost Staten Island communities and businesses.

The SIEDC recognizes Gina's goal of transforming the unused Arthur Kill Correctional Facility into a production location to boost Staten Island's economy. At the 19th annual SIEDC Business Conference, Gina was awarded with one of the Top 31 Awards, which commends 31 businessmen and businesswomen who look to bring positive change to Staten Island.

NY1 covered the event and, citing support from Staten Island Borough President James Oddo, commented on the Arthur Kill development that "Every time you hear a director say action, that means there is economic activity happening."

Broadway Stages is excited for Staten Island Stages to come to the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility and for the positive economic impact it will have on the film industry and the region. We look forward to coming to Staten Island!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento: Green Energy Is Now!

Paving the way for the future as Brooklyn's first solar full-service production company, Broadway Stages embraces the future of green and environmentally friendly energy resources. Leading Broadway Stages' green vision is President and CEO Gina Argento.

Supporting the future of renewable energy resources, Broadway Stages has made a tremendous commitment to solar energy since 2010 atop our Kingsland production film warehouses. Generating 1,200,000 kWh annually, our solar panels have saved us over 7,000,000 kWh of energy to date!

In addition to using solar energy, Broadway Stages is a proud participant of NYC's Cool Roofs program. As one of the first sound stages to take action, Broadway Stages paves our roofs in white paint specially designed to maximize sunlight reflection and reduce heat absorption. Our participation in the program has helped save additional energy resources by sustaining a lower ambient temperature inside our warehouse stages.

Broadway Stages Rooftop Farm Summer Preview!

Broadway Stages' rooftop farm is getting ready for the summer weather to get into full swing! Back in 2008 our rooftop farm helped introduce the urban farming movement in New York City by being one of the first and few urban farms. The farm was created under the guidance of President Gina Argento and Tony Argento to serve Brooklynites.

Almost a decade later, the Eagle Street Farm still operates and continues to provide Brooklynites with amazing quality ingredients within their own neighborhood. The farm produces a wide selection of vegetables, and we recently introduced our very own chickens and bunnies! The rooftop farm also includes bees to create New York City honey and help maintain a healthy bee population.

The rooftop farm is being prepared for this summer season to continue our local grown foods and for Brooklynites to come visit us. Get ready to join us on and enjoy a beautiful view of the city skyline! Take beautiful photos at our prime location and learn about urban farming.

Get Rooftop Healthy With Broadway Stages!

Broadway Stages offers healthy and convenient food options grown right here in Brooklyn! Our Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, the very first of its kind, was a revolutionary step in bringing urban farming to the New York metro area brought forth by Broadway Stages President Gina Argento and founder Tony Argento. Our commitment to source locally led us to develop and create our very own and New York City's first urban farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The idea behind bringing an urban farm to Brooklynites was to allow local residents to actually see where their food was coming from. Broadway Stages wanted to offer our consumers the transparency and security that people can trust in their foods. We use urban farming techniques that do not utilize harmful chemicals and welcome visitors to come and participate.

Our rooftop farm brings awareness to the need to keep green spaces in New York City. Broadway Stages believes that conversions of more rooftops into green spaces are vital in keeping the greenscape of New York City alive. Green rooftops can help combat air pollution, preserve wildlife, and grow organic foods!


Brooklynites are welcome to join us Sunday afternoon to actively participate in growing their very own vegetables and learn about the urban growing process. Every Sunday afternoon visitors can expect to learn earth-friendly tips and how to add greenery to their homes. Stop by our Rooftop Farms and get your head start on NYC Green!

Broadway Stages Founder Tony Argento Excited for the Ziemia Greenpoint Project

Broadway Stages founder Tony Argento calls for Brooklynites to unite and participate in Ziemia, a cultural collaboration among Greenpoint residents. Tony believes the distinct cultural atmosphere of residents in North Brooklyn contributes to its exciting environment.

Ziemia will tell a cultural story distinct to the Greeenpoint identity through a public art installation by local conceptual artist Martynka Wawrzyniak. Centered around the theme that "our stories are written in soil," Ziemia appropriately embodies Greenpoint community's heritage and culture by symbolically representing our universal connection through soil.

Asking Brooklynites to contribute soil in destinations that express their personal moments, the project seeks to mold together the intimacy of personal experiences symbolized through soil into a single ceramic sphere. The sphere will serve as a community portrait reflecting Greenpoint residents. The deadline to submit soil samples is June 21, 2017, so send yours today!

As a longtime Greenpoint community promoter and benefactor, Broadway Stages founder Tony Argento has made a commitment to sponsor the project to advance community adhesion. Tony sees the cultural exchange and community involvement of the Ziemia project to benefit the community. Join Tony and Broadway Stages to create a more intimate environment to encourage cultural exchange and bring together the diverse community in Greenpoint.

To learn more about the Ziemia Project please click here.

Broadway Stages Helps North Brooklyn Maintain Clean, Open Spaces

Gina Argento, President of North Brooklyn-based Broadway Stages, devotes herself to helping her Brooklyn community. Gina Argento is passionate about extending and preserving the natural park space and greenery of North Brooklyn for Brooklynites to enjoy with their families.

Partnering with Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA), a community organization focused on expanding and improving open spaces in Brooklyn, Gina channels her efforts toward advocating for the maintenance and enhancement of current local park spaces. As a park steward sponsor to OSA, Gina understands that her financial contributions help provide the necessary financial resources to preserve OSA's Greenpoint Parks Stewardship Program.

The Greenpoint Parks Stewardship Program is a major outlet for OSA to recruit and educate individuals on how to keep their neighborhoods clean. The program incorporates cleanup initiatives, gardening, and cultural events to keep our communities clean while celebrating our diverse heritages.

Join Gina's commitment to keep the North Brooklyn community focused on giving Brooklynites open spaces! Join OSA today and do your part to help North Brooklyn parks stay open and clean for Brooklynites to enjoy!

Gina Argento Speaks to Fortune Magazine


Broadway Stages President Gina Argento has landed on Fortune's personal profile page! Gina is a businesswoman who exemplifies the need for businesses to reinvest back into their own communities. Whether it be a physical community like Greenpoint or an online business community like Fortune. Gina looks to invest her time and effort to lead others to achieve their personal success.

In an effort to help aspiring and current businessmen and businesswomen, Gina offers lifestyle and networking advice to help take careers to the next level. Take a look at her profile on Fortune here.